Saint Sinner Part 3

Saint Sinner Part 3

This adventure was inspired by the The Three Musketeers (1993 film), because I loved the final battle scene where all the musketeers popped up with their swords.  So I designed an entire adventure to have that scene at the end.

The Church of Glom & Warriors of Sor

Saint Sinner 3

System: Timeon

Planet: Kischen Minor/Timeon IV (Dead world), Station Barad 4


PC’s join Dramius to bring the messenger Warrior of Sor to the mining planet in the Timeon System.  The Saurian warriors, of the Vanar subrace, intend to bring a call to arms message to the now disbanded Warriors.  They have evidence that will show that the STREEL  Corporation is behind the “church” rise to power over their government.



The Sor Saurians are a people in conflict, divided between those that are loyal to the Church and those loyal to the Chieftainship (state).


The Church of Glom – The religious – The Church of Glom – sect of this tribe ruled by the Trustees of Sor.  Glom is their god figure that called them to their new home.  {See Enigma}.  The Trustees have been trying to gain power of the Chieftainship for centuries.  The Chieftainship and the Trustees have been in conflict far longer than they have been on the Kischen Minor colony.  The Trustees have always wanted to be more than just in an advisory position, covertly undermining the leadership where they could.

Recently, the Trustees have gained some power within the Chief Council, with the secret help of the STREEL corporation.  The only thing stopping them is the Chief – Iguul Maratsul.  Gaining power of the Chieftainship also gains control of the Sortech Mining Facility, the small mining company that runs all the mining on Kischen Minor.  Sortech has resisted being taken over by the larger corporations including STREEL for a long time.  However, STREEL has found weaknesses in the tribe through its division and factions, and infiltrated it from within.

Head Trustee: Takashi Dask

Raid – The Trustees or the Church are planning a raid on the Warrior’s base of operations (in the mine tunnels) just before an assassination attempt on the Chief (see below).  The Raid should go awry, seemingly trapping the Warriors and the PCs in the tunnels.  They adventure through unexplored alien tunnels, chased by the Trustee Guard.  They may encounter artifacts of the Vaski or evidence there is to the planet than they know (See Enigma).

Assassination – Duringa  special joint Church/State summit, the Church has hired an assassin (SANDMAN) to assassinate the Chieftain.  He will pose as a Pan-Galactic delegate sent to tour the facilities.  Takashi Dask plans to make it look like the PGC wants the Svik of Sor of the planet and is attempting a hostile take over.  This will bring in Streel who will pledge their full support to the Saurians of Sor.  With the Chief dead, Dask will then take over the Chieftainship.



  • Possible deal between the [Sovereignty of Man] and Streel to set up a trap for Dramis.
  • The SANDMAN may be brought in to impersonate Dramius.



  • Girrillian Clone – Half of them were not completely successful.  The last 48 were Girllian’s attempts to create a super version of himself – heightened senses, strength, intelligence and perhaps mentalist abilities.  What he did not plan on was their heightened psychoses.  These 48 clones are insane.  All have different mental problems and even one or two have latent mental abilities.  Girrillian CLone #62 -defective – will be sent to scare the PCs and help Sandman to take out the Chief.
  • Barad 4 is primarily under the control of the Saurian crime family benefiting from the balance between the church and the state.  The leader is relatively friendly to Dramius.


The Tomb of the Vaski – Timeon IV is not originally a world of the Timeon system.  It is a captured fragment  from light years away travelled through space and finally settled in the Timeon system millions of years ago.  No one knows its true origins, however.

The space debris that became Timeon IV is actually a tomb of sorts.  Deep within the cold core of  the planet is an alien ship of huge proportions.  Made of solid federanium, it emits a gravitational field that holds the planet together.  The ship is a refugee ship for an ancient alien race of great intelligence and mental power called the VASKI.  The Vaski are worm slug-like creature the size of whales, were nearly wiped out in a interplanetary war they started.  The Vaski developed from slow moving slugs that developed mental powers to teleport themselves to where they wanted to go, rather than slither.  Because of their nature, they evolved into a obsessively paranoid race.  This brought them to be the best fortress builders in the universe.

Upon near extinction, the Vaski that survived boarded a fortress ships made of federanium to escape anymore destruction.  They designed the ships special grav-field emitters to collect space debris as they travelled.  They called them Black Hole Ships. It was not uncommon for them pulling more than space debris – like ships passing by or deep space probes.  Eventually enough debris collected, the ship appeared more like a comet, hidden from their enemies. Timeon IV collected enough debris it grew to the size of a small planet.

The three remaining Vaski on this particular ship are still in stasis.  The ship is a huge dreadnaught, armed and armored to the maximum.  To be awakened means the Vaki will re-establish the fury of their paranoia (perhaps mentally projecting to weaker minds).  They will attempt to destroy anything they fear or die trying.

{Option} The Call of Glom – The Vaski are mentally calling out to be freed. They reached the minds of the Sor Saurians; more specifically the Church minds who seemed to be more susceptible to their alien telepathy.  Their god figure Glom is in fact one of the Vaski in statsis.  Their mining of the planet is actually the Vaski’s mental control to dig them out.  


The Grand Summit between Church and Chiefs takes place on an remote island where the Pan Galactic will moderate piece between the two factions.   {The assassin will attempt his kill on the maglev train to the island.} At the procession, thousands of civilians, intermixed with Church Guard, will be watching for the Head Trustee and his Cardinals.  They await the Chief’s opening speech.

Once the PCs stop the assassination, and take control of the train, a large contingent of Church Guard will be waiting.  What will they do?  The intention of bringing the Warriors of Sor passengers here was reunite the Warriors of Sor under a new cause.  The disbanded warriors will make their reappearance at the most dramatic moment, just when the PCs realize they are outnumbered.  They make up a considerable number of the civilian crowd awaiting the Chief.

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