beasty4Another race from my “Galactic Rebellion” story, this was a benevolent but mysterious species of humanoids that I felt would be good in SF.

Physical Description

Sarginians are an ancient race of tall, thinly skinned humanoids. Some say they visited Earth centuries ago, contibuting to the “grey” myth. The Sarginians aren’t admitting anything, however. They are tall, thin creatures, with an alongated, oddly shaped head, with three eyes – two set on each side of the face, and one just below the forehead. They 3 fingers and a thumb, all very long, and out of the palms are a set of tenticles. They absorb nutrition through the hands. They use the mouth for only speaking and breathing.

Average Size: 2.8 m
Average Mass: 45 kg
Average Life-span: unknown
Reproduction: unknown
Body Temp: unknown

Historical Detail

Not a lot is known about the history of the Sarginians, other than the fact that it goes way back. No one knows where the Sarginian homeworld is, and if it exists, it’s one of the best kept secrets in all the universe. The Sarginians are found all over the Dominion and the Frontier-Rim. However, they are never found in groups. They are only found in pairs or individually, usually.

The first Sarginian contact was made in the Rim coalition outer colonies, where an long-forgotten colony of Osakars were discovered by a UPF exploration team. The Sarginian was leading the small colony. Apparently, by the colony’s records, the only reason the colony surivived was because of the Sarginian. The Sarginian was able to bring technology and trade to the colony from areas of space unknown to the Alliance. The records did not show how he had arrived, why he saved the colony. He just did, and made a decent living doing it.

Since then, Sarginians have been appearing all over the Frontier, in positions of power, and influence, secluded for years from sight. Heads of megacorporations, heads of secrets and public societies, and other positions of power. After the first contact, it’s as though they just chose to reveal themselvs. Many stated that their species had no intention of galactic domination, and no inclination to user the power they had to bring down any regime. Most took them at their word, and since then, things have changed very little.


Sarginians have strong sense on all levels, surpassing humans. They see on levels not comprehended by humans, hear at higher frequencies than humans, and they have strong sensitivity to air pressure.

Speech and Languages

Sarginians speak both J’Vaarian Basic, and Pan-Gal Common equally well. They have no known common language, although they do seem to have an odd way to speak to each other non-vocally.


Sarginians are peaceful but secretive. They have apparently been integrated in every species’ society for hundreds of years without anyone knowing. They have gained power in each society with out anyone knowing. Their purpose and intent has never surfaced. Needless to say, there are some who do not trust them. However, because of the seemingly benign effect they have had over the past centuries, not all distrust them.

Humans above all, distrust them, although Sarginians have never given them a reason to. Among those who do not trust them, they believe that the Sarginians are plotting some conspiracy to take over the universe.

Social Structure and Standards

Sarginians have not expressed any social structure, primarily because they are never found in larger groups that groups of two. They simply integrate into other societies, seemlessly. They acclimate to any society extremely well. The only standard they seem to express is the intention to help the society they integrate into.

Whether there is any underlying conspiracy with their intentions is unknown. A small portion of Allied society belive they are, and small pockets of resistance groups have formed to fight the Sarginian presence.

Racial Abilities

Sarginian Speak: Sarginians speak through slight manipulations of air pressure using small hair-like recpetors in their skin. They send in pulses like Morse Code, to each other.

Sarginian Sight: Sarginians can detect psionic power through sight. They see it being transmitted, and see it in psionically talented individuals.

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