The (Savaged) Glahn

The (Savaged) Glahn

Type: Core Species

Physical Appearance

Glahn are humanoid that average two meters in height and have dark bluish skin, which almost always lightens as they age. They basically appear as tall blue humans.

Glahn genders are male, female and a third called the coura. The concept does not translate well into Fleet standard but, essentially, the coura are a combination of both sexes – a functional hermaphrodite. Coura make up about one-tenth of the Glahn and have the characteristics of both sexes. They can act as a male, and fertilize a female, or they can carry a fetus until it is ready to be passed on (not quite born, but close). Coura tend to be the protected sex of the Glahn, seldom straying from Glahnite homeworlds and the Glahnite Core – though there are no actual laws preventing them from doing so.

The Glahnite reproductive cycle is shrouded in mystery and, though the Glahn are easily as open about sex as Humans (and certainly more than the Ishantra), the details of actual reproduction are sketchy. It seems that, near the end of a Glahnites’ gestation period, the child is born in a totally helpless condition (even more so than Human children). After about two weeks of post-parenta gestation, the child wakes and is welcomed into the Glahnite community.

Glahnites breathe an oxygen/ nitrogen atmosphere, and require both water and food to survive. They can go without water for no more than five days without perishing, but without food for considerably longer. They are capable of surviving in harsh climates and reasonable
extremes of temperature, but the average Glahnite prefers a climate with a temperature between 4.44 and 15.6 degrees Celsius. A few have been known to have limited psionic abilities, and more have exhibited latent talents whose existence was unknown prior to their surfacing – though most hide any of these abilities when they do occur.


The second most populous species in the Consortium (after Humanity), the Glahn were the first aliens to be encountered by Fleet scouts. At first, the Glahn reacted to these strangers with violence, until they came to see just how powerful the Humans were. The Glahn are nothing if not practical- they will not fight a war in which they are not certain of victory, and so an accommodation was arrived at. Since then, the Glahn have been active members of the Consortium Council.

Society and Customs

Though long a spacefaring species, the dominant attitude toward technology in Glahn society is that advanced equipment should be used only when necessary. Given a choice between using a lift and a ladder, a Glahn will invariably choose the ladder, save in a crisis situation. They take great pride in not being dependent upon their equipment and look with scorn on species who cannot get along without technological toys.

So intense is their hatred of tech for tech’s sake that a Glahn who sports any type of cyberware or who has even the least mutation is no longer considered a member of the species and will be cast out.

The Glahn Core is governed by a representative democracy reminiscent of Human Feudalism. Their social structure revolves around clans – called hosshik in their language – with a member of each clan sent to vote on important issues. There is no greater sin among this species than betraying or shaming one’s clan, and those who do so invariably end up as outcasts from society. Individuals take great pride in clan membership and, within the clan, what lineage they hold. Marriage and reproduction between clans is encouraged, however, as this is the most natural way of strengthening both alliances and the species. Wars amoung clans are not uncommon.

The Glahn are native to this portion of the Spiral Arm. Although they had assumed control of a good portion of their local space when Humans first encountered them, it was not until the Consortium sold them the Quantum drive that they began truly rapid expansion. Today, they control as large an area as do Humans. Their Core is close enough to that of the Humans to make trading practical, but not so close that either party looks with covetous eyes upon the
other’s worlds.

Overall, the similarities in nature between the Glahn and Humans have kept conflicts to a minimum. However, some Glahn feel that they have been discriminated against in Fleet owing to their species’ reputation for pragmatism in the face of the enemy.

Expansion: See Clans of the Glahn


Glahn in general are very territorial and group-oriented, but some male Glahn seem to be infected with a wanderlust. Many Glahn have become some of the most accomplished explorers, pilots and scouts in the Consortium. Female Glahn are researchers and scientists, far more interested in, and experienced with, high technology than their male counterparts.

They reserve special dislike for the Ishantrans due to their experimentation with genetic mutation and bio-ware on a regular basis and with little seeming regard for the results.

As warlike as Humanity, the Glahn had conquered a number of worlds before Fleet chanced upon them. Their armies will fight to the death or walk away – there is no middle ground. They have grown accomplished at predicting the probable outcome of a battle, and see no shame in retreating if they cannot win. The phrase gambling like a Glahnite has taken hold in Human parlance – it means to play very conservatively, and very well.

Other species tend to regard Glahn as cold and unfeeling because they do not display their emotions outwardly as Humans and Ishantra do. In fact, they are wildly emotional and are convinced that everyone they encounter must be able to read their feeling on their faces. But Glahnite changes of expression and body language are so subtle that it is virtually impossible for any non-Glahn to tell what they are thinking or feeling. This has helped to make some
of the more outgoing members of the species fine traders, gamblers and Intelligence agents.

Special Abilities

Unreadable (+1): (Limited) Skill Bonus +2 to Persuasion when bluffing.

Attribute Increase (+2): Strength or Vigor (choose one) start based d6 instead of d4.

Hindrance: Outsider (-2): Outside of Glahn Core, Glahns are often misunderstood and mistrusted. Some see them as emotionless and thus untrustworthy while others see their pragmatism as a weakness and see them as cowards.

Hindrance: Code of Honor (-1): Glahn have a societal disdain for the over-use of technology and if a Glahn were to have cybernetic, bio-enhancements or the like, they would be ostracized out of the clan and their people.

Hindrance: Loyal (-1): The Glahn have strong ties to their clan.