The (Savaged) Kestarians

The (Savaged) Kestarians


Physical Appearance

Kestarians are humanoid, their skin the color of pure gold. Their hair remains white for their entire life, and both men and women allow it to grow to prodigious lengths. The primary difference between “Kests” and Humans is that the former have four arms, two on either side.

Senses & Speech

Kest speak perfect basic, and their own language, Kestir.


This species was first encountered near the Ishantra Sector shortly after the collapse of the Galactic Republic. Not a spacefaring race,. Kestarians are in fact quite primitive, only slightly beyond the hunting-and-gathering stage of evolution. Kestaria is a female-dominated world, and with good reason: through a combination of their stunning appearances, almost mystical allure, and possibly some form of pheromone secretion, Kestarian women are virtually irresistible seductresses. Kestarian men have some of the same power, but to a much lesser degree.

For most of the planet’s history, this was a problem only for the Kestarian men. They would compete among themselves to bring back the best cuts of meat or build the best shelter for their women and the odd battle would break out now and again – though wholesale wars were virtually unknown. But when outsiders met the Kestarians, the women learned of the luxuries that existed on other worlds. No longer satisfied with their crude surroundings, some of the women have moved out into the galaxy, becoming companions, courtesans and prostitutes on a number of planets. They are very happy to be “taken care of” by their “escorts,” and are decorative “arm ornaments” for many of the galaxy’s wealthiest individuals.

Society and Customs

In some sectors of space, having a Kestarian companion is considered a status symbol, particularly among underworld bosses. But legends warn that the soft songs sung by the women are addictive and there is no telling how many decisions made by men of power have been influenced by their Kests. When given the attention and consideration they feel they deserve, Kestarian women can be very pleasant company. When they are slighted or ignored, they can be vindictive and often violent. More than a few megacorp executives and crime bosses have been found dead in their beds, the wickedly curved Kestarian aranis blade buried in their backs.

One final note on Kestarians: while the male population of Kestaria seems to be exactly what it is – fairly primitive, emotional, but relatively peaceful – rumors state that Kestarian females are much more than they seem. When pressed, these women can display a subtle, cunning intelligence that makes one wonder whether the Kestarian is the decoration of the “boss” – or the other way around.


Kestarian males are very territorial and sedentary. They are also fairly jealous – though most disputes they have with other Kestarians are resolved nonviolently. Usually, a male Kestarian will “stake out” a territory (and, often, a female – though the females are rumored to do the actual choosing) and other males will respect that. Unless, of course, the male becomes weak or unpopular.

Kestarian males, on their homeworld, do most of the work. The females do take care of the home and the children, but only marginally. The males seem mostly concerned with preserving their livelihood and status in the community, while the females are more self-possessed and concerned with taking care of themselves.

Kestarians thrive on attention and may become violent or withdraw if ignored (the females more than the males). They also are seen as primitive and emotional. Also, they are very emotional and not very logical in judgement – though fairly non-violent.

Much more “outgoing” than their male counterparts, Kestarian females play up their image as “primitive, emotional, love-machines” as a method of survival in a universe far more advanced in culture and technology than their own. They are manipulative and vain – but they manipulate their images as well. On their homeworld, they “run the show behind the curtain.” They use their males to interact communally – and they manipulate other males to gain power, prestige, and influence. Kestarian females do not usually get along with other Kestarian females very well – or other females of humanoid species (unless the other female is an “escort”).

Kest females are seen, by most other humanoids, as nothing better than prostitutes and love-slaves.

Special Abilities

Additional Action (+3): Due to their four arms, kestarian get one extra non-movement action per round at no multi-action penalty.

Charm (+2/+4):  All Kestarians are highly skilled in the arts of persuasion and are rumored to be able to use their song to produce a hypnotic effect. Kestarians start with a d6 in Persuasion instead of a d4. Females also gain a +2 to this skill.

Kestarian females possess all the special abilities of the Kestarian males, only moreso. They rely on their charms and their intellect to get by – and they are never satisfied with what they have. Very rarely do Kestarian females settle down to a particular way of life, unless they have ulterior motives.

Hindrance – Outsider (-1): As an associate race, many members of the Core races see them as a lesser race.

Frail (-1): Female Kestarian tend to me Frail.

Additional Hindrance (-4/-5): Male Kestarians choose 4 points of Hindrances (1 for Minor or 2 for Major) and Female Kestarians choose 5 points.