The (Savaged) Reavers

The (Savaged) Reavers

Reaver in Armor

Physical Appearance

Although humanoid, the Reavers are bestial in appearance and violent in the extreme. They tend to wear their armor at all times, which is bestial in it own way. THeir armor is well-known to be intentionally horrific and disturbing in order to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.

Dead Reavers that have been examined revealed a humanoid cross between a reptilian and mammal with a few features of insectoid. It is almost as if someone engineered them with all the right predatory features of all the genetic classes of animals.


Once, they were one of the great scourges of the far side of the shatterzone. Then the Armagons came. They showed the Reavers who held what position in the food chain. Those that continue to reside in the Outer Frontier serve the Armagons while the loyalties of those on the Inner Frontier side waver depending on the Reaver. It is theorized that most were sent through the ‘Zone to scout out what is on the other side, some have come through to escape and are considered deserters by the rank and file.

Upon reaching Consortium space, some Reavers settled near the edge of the ‘zone and began planning to carve out an empire. Some suspect that they plan to strike back at the Armagons while others believe they are in service to the Armagons still. Some grew impatient and became shatrats and pirates, homing in on distress beacons and other communications and raiding the unfortunate ships.

It is rumored that some corporations have taken advantage of the Reavers’ one-track mind by manipulating them to attack rival installations. Only recently have the Reavers gotten wind of this manipulation and have targeted any Consortium based corporate base near the shatterzone.

Society and Customs

Where the intentions of the Armagons remain a mystery, those of the Reavers are crystal clear – they live for war. Given their name by the survivors of their assault on a Tiko Corporation base, the entire social structure of the Reavers is based on a military model. When they cannot find any other species to fight, they will fight among themselves.


The Reavers are evidently master combatants, comfortable with either energy, melee weapons, or hand-to-hand. While their ships are well-armed, they seem to prefer close-quarters fighting to space battles. Their most common tactic is to disable an enemy ship, board it and massacre the crew.

Roleplaying Notes

The original printing had the Reavers as an NPC race, not playable race. However, I have retooled them so that they can be, if a brave player wants to. They are difficult in that their nature is violent and savage, but some might say that living among more civilized peoples on the other side of the ‘Zone far away from Armagon control might have an effect.

A player that wishes to play a Reaver is taking on a considerable challenge. The only playable Reaver is a deserter. However, through some strange alien pheromone system, Reavers can tell deserters from loyalist when in close proximity (same room). So they are hunted every where they go. They also still have a psychic connection to the Armagons who are constantly sending commands over from the other side, causing considerable distractions at times.

Reaver deserters leave the ranks for a reason. Some believe it is some flaw in the bio-implant that the Armagons put in them, others believe that the shatterzone blocks some control the Aramgons have over them. Either way, these deserts are rare but they do happen. The employ themselves as mercenaries to various Inner Frontier corporations, helping them battle the Reaver threat.

In truth, the deserters see the enslavement by the Armagons for what it is – slavery of a once great race. In order to return to their greatness, deserters seek to break from that control. Some see the Consortium as a possible ally in that effort.

Special Abilities

Wanted (Major, -2): When in the presence of other (loyalist) Reavers, they will be driven to attack the deserter with the intention of killing or die trying.

Bio-Psi Link to the Aramgons (-2): When in combat, the Reaver starts out Distracted. Until he make a Spirit check and get the implant under control, he will hear voices of his masters in his head and remain distracted.

Edge – Berserk (+2): page 38 of the SWADE Core. Reavers go into an uncontrollable rage when in combat. Any non-Reaver is fair game in combat. Those non-Reavers that consider a Reaver an ally should stay clear and let the Reaver do what it does best.

Equipment – Ripper Gun (+2) – A product of advanced alien technology, the Ripper Gun
is the first truly combined energy-projectile weapon ever discovered. The Ripper Gun fires a jagged flechette round that is somehow encased in a field of destructive energy- making a very distinctive ripping sound as it passes though an atmosphere. Whatever it hits, it either cuts through or blows apart. However, the weapon itself has some kind of bio-link with the Reaver and no one has been able to crack the code. Only Reavers are able to shoot these guns and there is a rumor that once a Reaver deserts, the gun can be rendered useless to the deserter somehow.

Damage Range Ammo APWt
There are a variety of Ripper Gun styles but all seem to do the same thing.

Edge Flaw – Ripper Gun (-2): At any time, the gun can stop functioning for the Reaver. On a critical failure, the Reaver must roll again. If the second roll is a failure (bennies can be spent), than the gun ceases to function.

Equipment – Bio-Armor (+2) – This armor appears to be technology brought from beyond the shatterzone. Whether the Reavers developed it themselves, stole it from another species, or had it given them is unknown. The armor is somewhat organic in nature – similar to a gel-vest, but more like a firm carapace. It is made from many interlocking pieces-scales, plates,
and joints. It is very light but also strong. The helmets are one entire piece and uniquely designed for each Reaver. Some take actual heads of the creatures they have killed and reformed them into their bio-armor helmets. Most of the armor pieces have spikes or quills growing out of them. This makes the armor itself a weapon. Some Reavers even have large blades growing out of their armor. The armor has life-support capabilities as well as a stealth mode. Armor Value of +8, Negates up to 4 points of AP, and his self contained environmental suite. It also adds +2 to Stealth checks with in Stealth mode. The spike and blades retracted and extend at will and do varied damage from the equivalent of knives to swords.

Edge Flaw – Bio Armor (-2): At any time, the armor can stop functioning for the Reaver and shed off like a skin. In combat, if the Reaver gets a club as an initiative card, it could mean an armor complication. The Reaver must roll his Spirit and on a failure (bennies can be spent), than the armor ceases to function and sheds off.