The (Savaged) Rednas

The (Savaged) Rednas

Type: Registered Bolter Species

Physical Appearance

Rednas are humanoid bolters who can trace their evolution back to a common ancestor shared with the reptile kingdom. This species is wholly reptilian – coldblooded, green-and-scaly, and all. They have broad, pointed faces, with wide, tooth-filled mouths. They do not cook their food – or even kill it, in some cases – and are rather primitive in their desires. But the Rednas are a technologically advanced species and bear the earmarks of an intelligent one. They have adapted very well to their new homes on this side of the ‘zone.

Society and Customs

Rednas were forced from there homeworld long ago. They burst through the Shatterzone decades ago aboard sleeper ships they themselves did not design. No one seemed to remember how or why they were on board those ships.

Although not a spacefaring race, they are renowned as excellent armorers and weaponsmiths. The signature coiled serpent symbol on a blade increases its value and guarantees it will not easily shatter in battle.

Rednas are a people with strong ties to their past and a love of custom. One of their more bizarre traditions grows out of their reptilian nature: upon greeting an honored newcomer for the first time, a Rednas will attempt to tear his guest’s arm off – and the guest will attempt the same in regards to the host. Among themselves, this is not a problem, as Rednas can regenerate their limbs over time. But this very nearly precipitated a war with the Consortium when a Rednas warrior ripped off the Human ambassador’s right arm.

Beyond this, Rednas are not deemed to pose any real threat, although it is still wise not to offend one if it can be avoided. They are avid explorers and have mapped all of their own world. More than a few have worked on freighters in return for passage to other star systems. Rednas meres and pit fighters are also much in demand, as their healing abilities allow them to be thrown into combat again and again.

Special Abilities

Regeneration (+3): The Rednas’ most impressive ability is their regeneration

Armor (+3): The Rednas also have slick, scaly hides (+2 to Toughness)

Heightened Sense of Smell (+1): Rednas have an acute sense of smell. They gain a +1 to Notice when using Smell.

Environmental Weakness: Cold (-2): -4 penalty when in cold environments.

Hindrance: Outsider (Major, -2) – Primitive alien outlook and a Bolter race.