00.00 Cyberware List

00.00 Cyberware List

(I modernized some of these cybernetics)

SystemTypeStrainBasic CostNotes
SimNerveBase1500Used to communicate commands from brain to hardware. Necessary for all cyberware except for Synthflesh II & III
SimNerve, Enhanced (ESN)Base21875Same as Simnerve except power can be transferred through the system.
SkillChipMisc03000 per skill bonusSWSFC p31. Requires SkillNerve and Chip Reader
SkillNerveBase, Add-on0+1000Used with Skill Chips. ADd on to SimNerve or Enhanced SimNerve
Syntheflesh 1-3Base3-1200-650Fake flesh used to cover cyber.
Syntheflesh, Fooler Enhancement Base16000Adds +4 to difficulty of sensors to detect cyberware. Required Synthflesh 1 or 2.
Adjustable ComlinkMisc 11500Hidden Comlink. + 500c for EyeHUD Links
Body VisionMisc 16000+2 to stealth skill checks.
Neural Jack, wiredMisc 11100Used to access cybernetically wired capable computers via SimNerve, via a cable
Neural Jack, wirelessMisc 11650Used to access cybernetically wired or wireless capable computers via SimNerve
Personal JammerMisc 13600Adds +2 to difficulty to electronic surveillance rolls.
Skill Chip ReaderMisc, Add-on0+1000Neural Jack Add on, Allows user to read Skill Chips.
Weapon Jack, wiredMisc 1900+2 to the wire-interfaced weapons skill attempt. When used in conjunction with an eye display system, the system adds +3.
Weapon Jack, wirelessMisc 11350 +2 to the wired or wireless interfaced weapons skill attempt. When used in conjunction with an eye display system, the system adds +3.
Organ ReplacementInternal250000
Organ Replacement, Broken HeartInternal250000Each heart-unit adds +1  to the person's Incapacitation Vigor roll.
Finger StingerHand11000Hidden Needle that contain one dose of any drug.
Motion ScannerHand12000/900Adds +2 to Notice for detecting vibrations. 2000c if implanted into biological hand; 900c if added as a cyberhand module
Element ScannerHand12100/10002100c if implanted into biological hand;1000c if added as a cyberhand module. Adds +2 to sensor attempts to identify composition of an item.
Basic EyeOptical, Base 1 per eye100-150Networld 100, Furtherman 125, or Brodie 150. 3 Module Capacity
WatchDog Visual FingerOptical, Base 2500Finger optics. 2 modules per finger.
WatchDog Viewer's AdvisorOptical, Base 2750360 degree ringlet WatchDog that encircles any part of the body. 8 to 10 modules depending on the body part.
WatchDog Heel! Optical, Base 2350Toe Optics. 2 modules per toe.
WatchDog OverSeerOptical, Base 3700Body mounted alternative optics. 6 to 8 modules depending on size and placement.
Anti-GlareOptical, Module0500+2 bonus to the rolls against blinding attacks. Testron 500
Bug EyesOptical, Module02700Gives the user near 270 degree vision. Adds +3 to Notice attempts when detecting surprise.
Cat's Eye Low-LightOptical, Module 01900Grants Low Light Vision ability. Networld -1900; Brodie - 2500.
Chrome-specOptical, Module 01000Adds +3 vs. blinding flashes, +2 to visual Notice attempts in high-glare environments.
Cyber-DetectorOptical, Module 06000Adds +2 to Perception attempts to detect cyberware.
Enhanced View SystemOptical, Module 01800+2 to sight Notice
EyeHUDOptical, Module 06500Adds +2 to Notice attempts when utilizing applicable information from multiple sensors presented in the display.
Eye LiteOptical, Module 0500 
Heat-SeekerOptical, Module 02100-2350Grants Infravision ability. Furtherman 2100c; Networld 2300c; Brodie 2350c
Hunter Targeting SystemOptical, Module 03750+2 to weapons skill when used with Simnerve link to weapon. Furtherman 3750; Networld 3250; Brodie 4200.
InfraredOptical, Module 01900Grants Infravision
Laser Enhanced Display (LED)Optica, Modulel 03500-4500Provides LED info thu cyber-eye; interfaces with Scholar Chips. Brodie 4500;c Networld 3500c; Furtherman 4000c
Micro-OpticsOptical , Module01750 - 2300This grants a +2 bonus to Notice when looking for details only visible through magnification. Networld 1750; Furtherman 2000; Brodie 2300
Mondo-VisionOptical, Module 03300+2 to Notice
Range ScopeOptical, Module 03350Reduces range modifiers by 1 to applicable weapons skills.
Super-SightOptical, Module 02250+3 to Notice
TelescopicOptical, Module 01750-2300Magnification x25. Reduces range penalties by 2 in combat. +2 to Notice things at longer ranges. Networld 17050; Brodie - 2300; Furtherman - 2200
TrackerOptical, Module 02000Adds +2 to Notice attempts when shadowing a target
BloodhoundOlfactory11250Gives a linked user a +2 to any Notice check involving scent.
Dr. YukTaste/Vocal 11000Mr. Yuk gives a +2 bonus to taste-based Notice rolls.
PersuaderTaste/Vocal 110000The Persuader gives a +2 bonus to any vocal attempt of con or persuasion.
Smooth TalkerTaste/Vocal 112500Provides a +3 bonus to any vocal attempt of Persuasion, but is detectable with a Notice check.
HypertouchTactile 15000When replaced, manual Agility is increased by +1 when manipulating small or delicate objects. When combined with Micro-Optics system, add +2 to skill checks for microscopic manipulation.
Eavesdropper (EVD)Auditory11250+2 to hearing Notice rolls when hearing/listening
ListenDog AdvisorAuditory2750360 degree ringlet ListenDog that encircles any part of the body.
ListenDog OverSeerAuditory3700Body mounted alternative auditory device.
ListenDog FingerAuditory2500Finger listeners.
Low/High FrequencyAuditory11500Can use Notice to detect low or high frequency sounds otherwise undetectable by organic hearing
ListenDog Heel! Auditory2350Toe Optics. 2 modules per toe.
Ear TapAuditory11800Adds +2 to auditory Perception attempts when receiving frequencies and/or searching for a particular pattern.
Private InvestigatorAuditory1Each major group of sounds takes one round to cut out, but the Private Investigator nullifies Distracted effects due to ambient noise effects from these groups.
Sonar SoundAuditory12800Gain Low Light Vision ability
Artist KitPhysical Enhancements, Hand Module13500 
Body ClubPhysical Enhancements13000Damage Value STR+2d6, electrified. Provides 20 hits before needing to be recharged.
ClamponsPhysical Enhancements, Leg Module110000Add +3 to Athletics skill checks on nonstandard surfaces.
ClawsPhysical Enhancements, Weapons23500Damage Value STR+1d8
Claws, ElectricPhysical Enhancements, Weapons24000Damage Value STR+1d8 +1d6 when powered; holds ten charges; and takes 30 min to recharge
Cutting EdgePhysical Enhancements, Arm Module19000Strength + 2d6+2 Damage
CyberarmsPhysical Enhancements, Base  4000 baseIncrease in Strength or Agility of both. See Rules
CyberhandsPhysical Enhancements, Base 13000 baseIncrease in Strength or Agility of both. See Rules
CyberlegsPhysical Enhancements, Base 1 Increase in Strength or Agility of both. See Rules
CyberskeletonPhysical Enhancements, Base230000Increase Strength attribute one die type to all actions; supports cybernetic muscles.
Cyber-weapon ScopePhysical Enhancements, Weapons Add-on02500 
Drug Charger I (NBX)Physical Enhancements04000Holds the any drug; manually triggered; does not require Simnerve. Manual release of up to 3 doses
Drug Charger IIPhysical Enhancements14500Holds the 5 doses of any combat drug
Drug Charger IIIPhysical Enhancements29500Holds the 8 doses of any combat drug
EMP Shieldin& Level IPhysical Enhancements, Armor  3000Increases the difficulty of attempts to shut down protected electronics
EMP Shielding, Level IIPhysical Enhancements, Armor  3500 
EMP Shielding, Level IIPhysical Enhancements, Armor  3500 
EquilibriumPhysical Enhancements14300Uses of Athletics (when performing balance or acrobatic related tasks), and Riding gain a +2 bonus and parry receives a +2 bonus when the Equilibria is in use.
Intradermal PlatePhysical Enhancements222500+2 to Toughness against all attacks.
Enforcer SMG ImplantPhysical Enhancements, Arm Module, Weapon112500
Interface JackPhysical Enhancements11600 
FangsPhysical Enhancements, Weapons11400Strength +1d4 damage; may be filled with poisons, drugs, or acids.
Finger VenomPhysical Enhancements, Hand/Arm Module, Weapon16500Sleep gas: Vigor check or unconsciousness for five minutes.
Acid: damage value 3d6.
Nausea: Vigor check or vomiting for three rounds (Stunned).
Blinding: Vigor check or Distracted for five
LockpicksPhysical Enhancements, Hand Module1500 
Magic/IllusionPhysical Enhancements, Hand Module14500 +3 to Thievery when doing sleight-of-hand
MagneticsPhysical Enhancements, Leg Module110000While secured, the character can not fall prone and a person's resistant Strength for pushing or pulling is increased by +3. Add +3 to Athletics skill checks on nonstandard surfaces.
Medic HandPhysical Enhancements, Hand Module16500Adds +3 on Science (Medicine) and/or First Aid skills
Mini-shieldsPhysical Enhancements, Armor  2000Activated by SimNerve, appears like insect carapaces. +2 impact / +1 energy to Toughness.
Neutrino NullifierPhysical Enhancements, Arm Module, Weapon120000Damage Value: 4d6 Range: Short: 15/30/60 Price: 20000 Ammo: 20
RamFistPhysical Enhancements, Arm Module, Weapon16500Increase damage from unarmed Fighting attack. +2d6 to the attack.
RollerboysPhysical Enhancements, Leg Module13000Adds +2 to Pace when running or walking while on flat surfaces, increase by 1 while downhill, and reduce by 1 while going uphill. Not useful in difficult terrain.
RazortipsPhysical Enhancements, Weapons, Hand or Foot Module12200Strength+1d4
RocketeersPhysical Enhancements, Leg Module110000Accelerations of 5, Top Speed of 20. Jumping increases 50 feet vertical limit, 120 feet horizontally.They are usable only by people with the Piloting skill and, even then, at -2 to the roll.
Rocket DigitsPhysical Enhancements, Weapons, Hand Module13600Damage (per Rocket) 2d8 Range: 25/50/100
RazorwirePhysical Enhancements, Weapons, Hand Module11100Range up to two meters; Strength+2d4 damage
SheathPhysical Enhancements, Leg or Arm Module1900Concealed sheath for small weapons; can open on command from SimNerve.
ShockFistPhysical Enhancements, Arm Module17500Electrical attack (Vigor -2 or stunned) may be made (touch range only).
Sonic DisruptorPhysical Enhancements, Arm Module, Weapon120000Damage: 3d8 Range: 25/50/100 Ammo: 30 Ammo Price: 125
SerpentPhysical Enhancements, Arm Module, Weapon12400Damage: 3d8 Range: 25/50/100 Ammo: 30 Ammo Price: 125
Spit VenomPhysical Enhancements, Head/Mouth Module, Weapon12700Damage value determined by the toxin (See Dufuss, Somynide and Scud)
SynthemusclePhysical Enhancements112500Strength increased by one die type up to 3; normally installed to support cyberlimbs
Subdermal Flex ImplantPhysical Enhancements, Head, Hand or Foot Module11600/800/1200/1500Add-on for Subdermal Implants, making them easier to hide.
Subdermal ImplantPhysical Enhancements, Head, Hand or Foot Module, Weapons11200/800/800/1000Head/Arm/Hand/Foot Implants used in melee. Add +2 to Fighting damage for Knuckles or Foot; +3 to Fighting damage for Head; +2 to Parry for Bracers and Shin implants.
ToolHand Physical Enhancements, Hand Module12000Adds +3 on all Repair skills.

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