Savage Shatterzone Weapons Table

Savage Shatterzone Weapons Table

Weapon<TypeROFAPDamageRangeShotsCost Notes
Brodie Fang S2Slugthrowers 112d6-110/20/4052005mm Hold Out, +2 to conceal, plasteel construction
Brodie DerringerSlugthrowers112d6 10/20/40 3150.44 cal Hold Out, +3 to conceal. 3 barrel pistol
Brodie VengeanceSlugthrowers322d6 12/24/48 12250.44 cal Hold Out, +1 to conceal.
Furtherman T25Slugthrowers332d615/30/6024 45010 mm caseless Pistol, 3RB
Furtherman DraconSlugthrowers322d6+115/30/6030 750SMG, 3RB
Kalag MP31 Assault CarbineSlugthrowers322d6+120/40/8064 8009mm SMG, 3RB, dual-feed system.
WolfArms GP1 Assault SystemSlugthrowers332d825/50/10060 -Assault Rifle, SA, 3RB, gas-propelled system, Military Issue
Furtherman HA RifleSlugthrowers322d8+125/50/10040 15005.6mm Assault Rifle, 3RB, Flechette Ammo option - +1 damage, no AP)
Furtherman LHRSlugthrowers122d8+125/50/10012 6008mm Hunting Rifle
Gurtman "Heavy Roller" X4 ShotgunSlugthrowers321-3d810/20/4012/30 1100Rifle
Gurtman "Heavy Roller" X4 Shotgun, HE Slugthrowers32 1-3d8 15/30/6012/301100Rifle, SBT Explosive
Kereteka HA4Gauss122d6+215/30/60252005mm Holdout. Improvised ammo possible, 5mm or less,must be ferrous.
Kereteka LA2 LinexGauss12 2d6+2 25/50/1002535010mm Pistol, -2 to conceal. Improvised ammo possible, 10mm or less,must be ferrous
Brodie APGauss33 2d6+2 20/40/80503755mm Pistol, Double-shot Armor Piercing (increase damage die type by one if aim)
NetArm DefenderGauss303d610/20/40304005mm Gauss-Flechette Pistol
Taril Assault CarbineGauss322d6+225/50/100487503mm SMG
Kereteka LA20 RifleGauss403d6+275/150/3001001100Assault Rifle
Kereteka LA15Gauss103d8+2250/500/1k25136010mm Hunting Rifle
Brodie "Metalstorm" NeedlerFlechette/Needler302d615/30/6015200Rifle
Gyrojet Pistol, High ExplosiveGyrojet124d6  25/50/100 4400Pistol, Warhead, MBT, HW
Gyrojet Pistol, Armor PiercingGyrojet1102d6  25/50/100 4400Pistol, Warhead, HW
Gyrojet Pistol, Heat SeekerGyrojet103d6  25/50/100 4400Pistol, Warhead
Gyrojet Pistol, Burst EffectGyrojet104d6  25/50/100 4400Pistol, Warhead, LBT
Gyrojet RifleGyrojet      
WolfArms "Rocker" Underslung, High ExplosiveGyrojet3-2 4d6 50/100/200 12500Weapon Add-on, Underslung Rifle, Warhead, MBT, HW
NetArms 'Lewis" Gyrojet Rifle, High ExplosiveGyrojet1-2 4d6 60/120/240 12 800 Rifle, Warhead, MBT, Weapon Add-on, Underslung Rifle
Brodie Automatic Gyrojet Rifle, High ExplosiveGyrojet1-2 4d6 50/100/200 12850Rifle, Warhead, MBT, HW
WolfArms "Rocker" Underslung, Armor Piercing Gyrojet310 2d6 50/100/200 12500Weapon Add-on, Underslung Rifle, Warhead, HW
NetArms 'Lewis" Gyrojet Rifle, Armor Piercing Gyrojet110 2d6 60/120/240 12 800 Rifle, Warhead, HW
Brodie Automatic Gyrojet Rifle, Armor Piercing Gyrojet110 2d6 50/100/200 12850Rifle, Warhead, HW
WolfArms "Rocker" Underslung, Heat SeekerGyrojet30 3d6 50/100/200 12500RWeapon Add-on, Underslung Riflefle Warhead
NetArms 'Lewis" Gyrojet Rifle, Heat SeekerGyrojet10 3d6 60/120/240 12 800 Rifle Warhead
Brodie Automatic Gyrojet Rifle, Heat SeekerGyrojet10 3d6 50/100/200 12850Rifle Warhead
WolfArms "Rocker" Underslung, Burst EffectGyrojet30 4d6 50/100/200 12500Weapon Add-on, Underslung Rifle, Warhead, LBT
NetArms 'Lewis" Gyrojet Rifle, Burst EffectGyrojet10 4d6 60/120/240 12 800 Rifle, Warhead, LBT
Brodie Automatic Gyrojet Rifle, Burst EffectGyrojet10 4d6 50/100/200 12850Rifle, Warhead, LBT
Gurtman T4 HoldoutLaser3RB22d6-120/40/8015200Holdout, fires 5 3RB only.
Gurtman T6 PistolLaser122d625/50/10025220Pistol, SA
WolfArms Fury Repeating Laser PistolLaser122d6-125/50/100 48350Pistol, SA
Brodie Repeating Laser Pistol Laser12 2d6 30/60/12054375Pistol, SA
Gurtman T10 Heavy Laser PistolLaser32 2d635/75/15099400Large Pistol
Gurtman Hammer Laser RifleLaser143d6+1125/250/500100500Heavy Rifle
Furtherman F20 Laser Assault Rifle Laser123d625/50/10090500Assault Rifle, SA
Brodie Arsenal Repeating Laser RifleLaser323d675/150/30090800Rifle, SA
Brodie M-20 MicroDefenderMicrowave1 0/3 2d6-110/40/80150Hold Out, +2 to conceal. Round palm laser
Brodie M-25 Micro-PistolMicrowave1 0/3 2d635/70/14015200Pistol
Brodie M-30 Heavy Repeating Micro-PistolMicrowave3 0/3 2d650/100/20018 500SMG/Large Pistol
Brodie MW-3 Repeating Micro-RifleMicrowave3 0/3 3d675/150/300 90750Assault Rifle, SA
Brodie MW-2 RIfleMicrowave1 0/33d6+1250/500/1000 18675Civilian/Sniper
Brodie X2 Holdout BlasterPlasma Blasters122d8-112/24/486500Holdout, loud report
Furtherman Blaster PistolPlasma Blasters122d840/80/16025600Pistol, SA, 3RB
Brodie Blaster Pistol CarbinePlasma Blasters122d850/100/20060750Heavy Blaster Pistol,SA, 3RB. Plasteel Quick Draw Holster. Use specially designed holster as a support, may shoot full -auto (3) and add 50 to range.
Brodie LX4 Blaster RiflePlasma Blasters322d8+175/150/30090800Blaster Rifle, Standard issue for Brodie Security
Gurtman Assault BlasterPlasma Blasters323/2/1d830/60/12090850SMG, close-combat blaster
Gurtman RF3 Blaster RiflePlasma Blasters323d8100/200/400901200Assault Rifle, Military Issue
Brodie LX5 Blaster RiflePlasma Blasters123d875/150/3001001000Civilian Rifle, SA
Furtherman Personal Sonic DefenderSonic1 -3/2/1d6-15/10/2020120HoldOut
Tracer "High C" Sonic PistolSonic1-3/2/1d612/24/4830500Pistol, SA
Tracer "Crusher" Sonic RifleSonic3-3/2/1d6+125/50/10030500Assault Rifle,SA
Tracer S20 Assault RifleSonic3-3/2/1d6+1 75/150/30036750Assault Rifle
Tracer S15 Sniper RifleSonic1-4/3/2d650/200/80015800Civilian/Sniper
Furtherman E145 "Handbuzzer"Electron Laser12d6+110/20/405150Holdout, not as loud but bright flash.
Furtherman E245 Electron PistolElectron Laser122d8-140/80/16010250Pistol, standard issue for NetWorld security forces.
Gurtman Lightning Electron CarbineElectron Laser1 22d845/90/180 30400Large Pistol/Carbine, multi-laser corridor.
Furtherman E345 Electron RifleElectron Laser3 23d8-130/250/75030600Assault Rifle, SA
Furtherman 445 Electron Sniper RifleElectron Laser1 22d8+250/1000/150010500Civilian/Sniper, over 2 m long rifle, -1 to hit if fired without a tripod.


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