Savage Shatterzone Weapons

Savage Shatterzone Weapons

Weapon Types

Weapons can be broken down into these basic types (with their SWADE Translation):

Holdout (Light Pistol)

Intended primarily for conceal and carry self-defense, holdout weapons are meant to be used one-handed. They are designed for ease of concealment at the sacrifice of range, ammunition capacity, and damage potential. Holdouts can be drawn quickly, and at close range, and be just as deadly as their larger cousins.

Pistol/Sidearm (Medium Pistol)

Sidearms or Medium Pistols are commonly used by mega-corporate security forces, local law enforcement as well as the average adventurer. These weapons try to balance stopping power, ammunition capacity, range, reliability and size, placing as many as possible into one package. The result is often a weapon which has as much stopping power as a long arm but limited range or ammunition. Others may have acceptance range and ammo capacity but require several shots to bring down a target. Sidearms are intended for one-handed use, but two hands can also be used.

Urban Environment/Carbine (Large Pistol or SMG)

Urban Environment weapons, Carbines, and SMGs all fall in the broad categories of Large Pistol and SMGs. These are hybrid of weapons classes. These weapons cause large amounts of damage at close range, and are still quite small for ease of handling. Because of this, these weapons are very useful in close quarters urban combats. However, weapons of these classes often have very limited ranges.

Military Issue (Assault Rifle)

These weapons are designed to be effective in any type of combat, jack-of-all trades or Swiss army knife for the average soldier or merc. Assault rifles can vary widely in performance. Usually lethality, range, and ammo capacity are the priorities in design. However, ease of maintenance and use, hardiness, and weight are also factors.

Civilian/Sniper Rifle (Rifles)

These weapons emphasize range and accuracy at the expense of weapon hardiness. Because they are meant for such precise shooting, sniper weapons often lack the capacity for fully automatic fire. This lack of fire power sometimes means that these weapons are able to stay within the bounds of the law on some major worlds, when other more powerful weapons are not. The dual classification comes from the fact that a good sniper weapon often makes a good civilian hunting weapon.

Chemical Slugthrowers

The difference between modern Consortium slugthrowers and conventional weapons is in the propellant. These slugthrowers use a variety of different priming chemical that produces a significantly larger expulsion and they are caseless – meaning the case is now part of the round and disintegrates upon firing – which also means the slugthrower will fire in vacuum and non-oxygen environments.

WeaponROFAPDamageRangeShotsCost Notes
Brodie Fang S2112d6-110/20/4052005mm Hold Out, +2 to conceal, plasteel construction
Brodie Derringer112d6 10/20/40 3150.44 cal Hold Out, +3 to conceal. 3 barrel pistol
Brodie Vengeance322d6 12/24/48 12250.44 cal Hold Out, +1 to conceal.
Furtherman T25332d615/30/6024 45010 mm caseless Pistol, 3RB
Furtherman Dracon322d6+115/30/6030 750SMG, 3RB
Kalag MP31 Assault Carbine322d6+120/40/8064 8009mm SMG, 3RB, dual-feed system.
WolfArms GP1 Assault System332d825/50/10060 –Assault Rifle, SA, 3RB, gas-propelled system, Military Issue
Furtherman HA Rifle322d8+125/50/10040 15005.6mm Assault Rifle, 3RB, Flechette Ammo option – +1 damage, no AP)
Furtherman LHR122d8+125/50/10012 6008mm Hunting Rifle
Gurtman “Heavy Roller” X4 Shotgun321-3d810/20/4012/30 1100Rifle
Gurtman “Heavy Roller” X4 Shotgun, HE 32 1-3d8 15/30/6012/301100Rifle, SBT Explosive

Gauss Weapons

Gauss weapons – also called linear accelerators or rail guns – uses electromagnetism to propel a ferrous round at high, very lethal speeds. The stronger the field, the greater the velocity that can be achieved. The drawback with these weapons is that they require both a power cell and a supply of ammo. Often a clip contains both the ammunition and the super insulation cell. These cells can’t be removed from the clip since they’re an integral part of them.

Kereteka HA4 122d6+215/30/60252005mm Holdout. Improvised ammo possible, 5mm or less,must be ferrous.
Kereteka LA2 Linex12 2d6+2 25/50/1002535010mm Pistol, -2 to conceal. Improvised ammo possible, 10mm or less,must be ferrous
Brodie Auto Pistol33 2d6+2 20/40/80503755mm Pistol, Double-shot Armor Piercing (increase damage die type by one if aim)
NetArm Defender303d610/20/40304005mm Gauss-Flechette Pistol
Taril Assault Carbine322d6+225/50/100487503mm SMG
Kereteka LA20 Rifle403d6+275/150/3001001100Assault Rifle
Kereteka LA15103d8+2250/500/1k25136010mm Hunting Rifle

Misc Slugthrowers

Brodie “Metalstorm” Needler302d615/30/6015200Rifle

Gyrojet Weapons

Gyrojet weapons are pistols and rifles that fire micro-missiles. They have good range, can be heavy hitting, and support a wide variety of warheads. The only differences between the pistol and the rifle versions are the number of rounds which each can hold and the size of each round.

HIgh Explosive, Heat Seeker and Armor Piercing are similar to those in the Science Fiction Companion aside from the above differences.

Burst Effect Gyro-Rounds : These are basically useless against armored opponent, but can wreak havoc against a crowd of unarmored soft targets. Damage applies to everything within burst template.

Gyrojets Pistol1 –  25/50/100 4400Pistol
>> High Explosive24d6Pistol, Warhead, MBT, HW
>> Armor Piercing102d6Pistol, Warhead, HW
>> Heat Seeker03d6Pistol, Warhead
>> Burst Effect04d6Pistol, Warhead, LBT
Gyrojets Rifle      
WolfArms “Rocker” Underslung 10 50/100/200 12500Weapon Add-on, Underslung Rifle
NetArms ‘Lewis” Gyrojet Rifle10 60/120/240 12 800 Rifle
Brodie Automatic Gyrojet Rifle30 50/100/200 12850Rifle
>> High Explosive-2 4d6 Rifle, Warhead, MBT, HW
>> Armor Piercing 10 2d6 Rifle, Warhead, HW
>> Heat Seeker0 3d6 Rifle Warhead
>> Burst Effect0 4d6 Rifle, Warhead, LBT


Gurtman T4 Holdout3RB22d6-120/40/8015200Holdout, fires 5 3RB only.
Gurtman T6 Pistol122d625/50/10025220Pistol, SA
WolfArms “Fury” Repeating Laser Pistol122d6-125/50/100 48350Pistol, SA
Brodie Repeating Laser Pistol 12 2d6 30/60/12054375Pistol, SA
Gurtman T10 Heavy Laser Pistol32 2d635/75/15099400Large Pistol
Gurtman “Hammer” Laser Rifle143d6+1125/250/500100500Heavy Rifle
Furtherman F20 Laser Assault Rifle 123d625/50/10090500Assault Rifle, SA
Brodie Arsenal Repeating Laser Rifle323d675/150/30090800Rifle, SA

Microwave Lasers

Microwave weapons are essentially lasers with a lower frequency. The energy drain is offset by the extra damage you’ll do to your opponent. Where a laser burn tissue, a microwave laser will excite the molecules and cook your target. It also can be used to wipe out data on computer disks and trash unshielded electronic gear. Microwaves render any unshielded electronics useless.

However, microwaves do have their drawbacks. First, microwaves are ineffective against buildings, hardened objects, etc. Reduce Microwaves damage by 4 against anything with a Hardness value.

In addition, metal makes a great shield against the waves – metallic or alloy armors are much more effective against Microwaves. However, plastic and non-metal armor are less effective. Reduce the AP of a Microwave to 0 against metal armor. Use the existing AP (3) for other armor.

Additionally, when a microwave burst misses its target, the blast can bounce off a metal surface and cause interesting side effects. (GM Discretion).

Brodie M-20 MicroDefender1 0/3 2d6-110/40/80150Hold Out, +2 to conceal. Round palm laser
Brodie M-25 Micro-Pistol1 0/3 2d635/70/14015200Pistol
Brodie M-30 Heavy Repeating Micro-Pistol3 0/3 2d650/100/20018 500SMG/Large Pistol
Brodie MW-3 Repeating Micro-Rifle3 0/3 3d675/150/300 90750Assault Rifle, SA
Brodie MW-2 RIfle1 0/33d6+1250/500/1000 18675Civilian/Sniper

Blasters (Plasma)

These weapons hyper-accelerate particles stripped from their barrel towards a target. The barrel and the power supply must be replaced from time to time. Typically, the ratio is one barrel to every five power packs. The barrels make these weapons difficult to conceal from electronic scanners (-4 to conceal from electronic scans)

Brodie X2 Holdout Blaster122d8-112/24/486500Holdout, loud report
Furtherman Blaster Pistol122d840/80/16025600Pistol, SA, 3RB
Brodie Blaster Pistol Carbine122d850/100/20060750Heavy Blaster Pistol,SA, 3RB. Plasteel Quick Draw Holster. Use specially designed holster as a support, may shoot full -auto (3) and add 50 to range.
Brodie LX4 Blaster Rifle322d8+175/150/30090800Blaster Rifle, Standard issue for Brodie Security
Gurtman Assault Blaster323/2/1d830/60/12090850SMG, close-combat blaster
Gurtman RF3 Blaster Rifle323d8100/200/400901200Assault Rifle, Military Issue
Brodie LX5 Blaster Rifle123d875/150/3001001000Civilian Rifle, SA

Sonic Weapons

Sonics weapons – screamers – grew out of the medical field into weapons only recently. They fire a concentrated beam of sound waves at a target. The beam penetrates clothing, most armor, and does large-scale tissue and bone damage. While deadly, screamers have their drawbacks. Primarily, they can’t be fired in a vacuum – they need a medium to travel through. They also cause sound needs and can not be silenced. since sound dissipates faster in a thin atmosphere, they lose something in range under those conditions – halve their range. While underwater, the sonic weapons are more effective – double medium and long range, increase the damage by one die type.

The other slam against screamers is that the beam only moves at the speed of sound. That means, at long range, there’s a lag between when you fire and when you hit. Armor values against Sonic weapons are halved unless they have sonic treatment.

Furtherman Personal Sonic Defender1 –3/2/1d6-15/10/2020120HoldOut
Tracer “High C” Sonic Pistol13/2/1d612/24/4830500Pistol, SA
Tracer “Crusher” Sonic Rifle33/2/1d6+125/50/10030500Assault Rifle,SA
Tracer S20 Assault Rifle33/2/1d6+1 75/150/30036750Assault Rifle
Tracer S15 Sniper Rifle14/3/2d650/200/80015800Civilian/Sniper

Electron Weapons

Electron weapons – aka lighting guns – are very effective in dry climates. However, in more wet environments renders them less effective. Electron lasers are basically low-powered lasers fired from the weapon to ionize a corridor through the air. A beam of electrons rides along this corridor, which then hits the target, doing almost as much damage as the charged particles of a blaster. The shot is usually accompanied by a big flash of light, which can be blinding for a few seconds. Usually, users of this weapons wear protective googles.

Unfortunately, these weapons have issues around water. When it’s real humid, the electron beam tends to follow a path of lesser resistance, reducing range and effectiveness. In rain, a vacuum, or underwater, these guns don’t work at all. When in humid environments, halve all electron weapon ranges and the attacker suffers a -2 to shoot his target.

Furtherman E145 “Handbuzzer”12d6+110/20/405150Holdout, not as loud but bright flash.
Furtherman E245 Electron Pistol122d8-140/80/16010250Pistol, standard issue for NetWorld security forces.
Gurtman Lightning Electron Carbine1 22d845/90/180 30400Large Pistol/Carbine, multi-laser corridor.
Furtherman E345 Electron Rifle3 23d8-130/250/75030600Assault Rifle, SA
Furtherman 445 Electron Sniper Rifle1 22d8+250/1000/150010500Civilian/Sniper, over 2 m long rifle, -1 to hit if fired without a tripod.

EMP Weapons

EMP weapons fire concentrated pulses of wide spectrum electronic frequency. These pulses attempt to disable or shut down electronics. The EMP weapon attacks the target Cybernetic System Toughness and not personal. An EMP bomb is also listed.

Hold out pistol2/4/8122d6-12000
Pistol4/8/16162d6 2200
Assault Rifle8/16/32 3303d6 4300
Bomb115d6 SBT/3d6 MBT2500