Savage Amzot

Savage Amzot

Thousands of years ago, Amzot (then called Quasar) was the center of a great stellar empire known as the Quasaran Empire.  Once a slave race to an ancient alien race now called the Mental Giants, the Quasar were reptilian race that developed considerable technology and conquered a large portion of space.  They were ruthless and cunning.  Many wars were fought as they spread across the galaxy.  They enslaved many minor and under-developed civilizations, while destroyed others.  But they spread too far when the encountered the empire dominated by an ancient alien race only known as the Adversaries.

The wars between the Quasarans and the Adversaries were epic and savage.  Each side reached whole new levels of war technology in their attempts to develop new ways to kill the enemy.  Both sides used brutal bio-weapons and nanotechnology to wipe hole colonies.  To end the war, the Adversaries made a massive push towards Amzot/Quasar with a massive assault fleet armed with some of the worst bio and chemical weapons.  The end result was the total destruction of the Quasaran civilization and their technology.  And just ot make sure, the planet was seeded with a bio-engineered planet that was poisonous to the Quasarans.

Long after the Quasarns left their homeworld, it was colonized by humans, who found a savage world with mutant creatures and plants all over its surface. Strange energies and “magic” strangely surged randomly throughout the world.  Strange ecosystems seemed to have developed as a result of the ancient alien bombardment of the world.  It was deemed impossible to tame.  But some tried.  First to colonize were multiple factions of humans.  One group was known for their worship a god known as Trax (Trax being an ancient alien from the Quasaran war times).  Another was a group that idolized the ancient Romans of Earth lead by a man named Kyan.  Both the Traxians and the Kyanites set out to conquer the crown jewel of a once great empire.

Unfortunately, the two factions could not get along and eventually warred.  Each side in their own way, harnessed the strange energies of world as well as much of the left over Quasaran technology.  Once again, Amzot was torn by war.  Caught in the midst of these wars were fledgling civilizations that later became known as the dwarves, as well as the Bubblemen and the black pool dwellers.  All of these species were forced underground or underwater to survive the wars.

Many secret and mysterious projects were born of this war.  This included a super soldier and bio-engineered warbeast project called the Herculus Project, initiated by the Traxians.  Masters of warmachine and biotechnology, they created bio-engineered soldiers and warbeasts specifically attuned to Amzot and its strange nature.  Taking elements from all over the planet, the engineered the perfect soldiers for Amzot.  The Traxians hoped that this program would end the war and finally defeat their enemies.  However, the project never came to completion as the Kyanites used a devastating weapons against them to end the war.

The Final War ended with the total annihilation of the Traxian Empire.  The Kyanite Empire, although victorious, were significantly diminished in population.  At the same time, as a result of tampering with the nature of Amzot, the planet itself seemed to rebel against it new inhabitants and  became even more dangerous and savage.  Giant predatory creatures roam the surface.  Once hidden enemies have arisen from beneath the surface including various races long thought lost.  Among these were the insectoid Dwellers of the Black Pool, aquatic Bubblemen, a technologically talented Dwarves.

Remnants of the the human colonists as well as mutant societies can be found all over the planet.  For example, Gravites are a people who separated from the Traxians before the war to make their own civilization in the islands of the Great Ocean.  Today, many outsiders and aliens seek the treasures and secrets of Amzot. Queen Skoora, an alien claiming to have Quasaran genetics in her lineages has often risen from her underground palace located under the Eastern Toxic Mudflats to claim in treasures. Lotak, a scientist who once served Queen Skoora, also surfaces from time to time to experiment with various rare and radical minerals of Amzot like Gravite.  Alien races once subjugated by the Quasarans have risen over the millennia to carve out their own stellar empires.