When Frontier humans encountered the evrem, they can’t help but think of the legends of angels common among their cultures. This species, though friendly and more than willing to discuss many different topics, remains silent about one specific subject – where they come from. For this reason the species is given the external or bolter classification.

The evram are new to the Frontier.  The first contact with this species occurred in fy. 53, when one of their crystalline vessels came out of the White Light Nebula and entered the White LIght system system Since that time, two huge crystalline vessels have been charted crisscrossing the Outer Reaches beyond the nebula, carrying many smaller vessels that then spread out to interact with the inhabitants of this region of space.  They have since been travelling among primarily humon worlds as peaceful diplomats and traders, never taking money for their good and services, always bartering for something else.


An evrem has a humanoid form, though the creatures lend to be somewhat taller and much thinner than the average human. An evrem’s face has unique features that clearly differentiate it from the human spades. Eyes that range in color from pale silver to light blue with no visible pupils, only a intof a nose can be seen beneath the eyes, and an evrem has no mouth at all.  Its hairless flesh glows with a perceptible radiance, and gossamer wings sprout from its back. Three long, thin fingers stretch from each of the evrem’s delicate hands. Common dress for the evrem is either a bright tunic and pants or robes made from a star-patterned material of unknown composition.

Evrem communicate through the use of psionic abilities. Most humans report that the mental link is often accompanied by a music-like background noise that helps set them at ease despite the psionic intruston. ln fact, everything about the evrem expresses their fundamental nature – they appear to be good and kind beings who genuinely enjoy meeting new species and Interacting with the people of the Frontier.

My Notes

Like the Blix, the evram too could be infiltrators for the I’krl.  They basically remind me of the Vorlon of Babylon 5 without the armor suits.  They even have the angel reference.  I would say that the Vrusk in this setting would approach them with some caution. 

Reading through it, these creatures come off very psionically powerful. I think the secrets they hold can involved just how powerful they are psionically.




AthleticsCommon KnowledgeNoticePersuasionStealth

Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Science d12, Psionics d8


  • MUTE: Evram communicate with telepathy.
  • OUTSIDER: Everything about the Evram is strange and alien to most other races. They have the Outsider (Minor) Hindrance.
  • VOW: Although they can fly, they never show they have that ability to any other being.

Edges: —

Special Abilities

  • TELEPATHIC – The speak to anyone within site with Telepathy, freely expanding or contracting the number of listeners, at will.
  • PYROKINETIC: The Evram have the ability to can project a searing blast of pyrokinetic flame using the Cone Template and their Shooting skill. Characters within take 3d6 and may catch Fire.
  • FLIGHT: Evram fly at Pace 12 per round. Use Athletics when maneuvering.
  • INVULNERABILITY: Psionics.  They are immune to all forms of alien psionics and can only be affected by psionics from their own kind.

Gear: None

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