Savage Herculoids: Amzot Notes

Savage Herculoids: Amzot Notes

{Italics are additions I made up or concluded from watching the episodes}. Under Construction

Amzot, also know as Quasar, is the world at the center of the Herculoids series. It is a world of diverse species and locations, it is constantly in danger from forces beyond it, upon it, and even below its surface. The planet has been referred to as Quasar when the series was revived in 1981 as part of the Space Stars animated series, but the name Amzot is generally the more preferred amongst fans and writers, as well as being used more often.

Amzot has a long ancient history that includes many lost civilizations.  The Ancients of Quasar are one of those that once ruled the planet, only to fall pray to an mutated flower the pollen which became poison to them.  There were also the humans that worshipped Trax, a massive 4-armed god-being.  It is unknown how they were wiped out, but remnants of their ancestors still remain.

Amzot is also known to be a source of strange mutating energies (or magic) that can change its flora and fauna into dangerous creatures.  Lightening struck a nest of ants to create the giant Destroyer Ants and strange energies from underground changes Soju to a ferocious creature.  This strange arcane energy has been known to be used against the Herculoids, knocking them out.

Sentient Species

Ancients– Also known as Quasarans.  Amzot was once their homeworld but now rendered poisonous to them by a bio-engineered flower.

Ape People –

Beaked People – bird like people lead by Trokar, enemies of the Flying monkey people.

Black Pool DwellersOgron and his people rose up to scout out the land of Amzot from the Black Pool.  They fly in top-like ships and like to decide conflict through one-on-one combat between champions.

Bubblemen – Underwater sea dwellers.  Also known as the Sea People.

Dargytes – Humanoid creatures that live in the great stone forest.

Dwarves – Creatures that live in the mines of Amzot,  a warring race with a hatred of surface dwellers.  They are expert crafters of robotic machines.


  • Zandor’s family  (presumed immigrated)
  • Kyanite – A civilization similar to ancient Rome on Earth, this society lives to entertain its emperor Neron with great gladiator fights.  The Kyanites may be directly descended from a tribe of Traxians.

  • Gravites – A primitive Polynesian-like race of humans that live on various islands in the Great Ocean.
  • Traxzians – Humans descended from the worshippers of Trax.  They are nomads now, travelling from ruin to ruin, scavenging their ancient civilization.

Laser Lancers – Robotic insectoid creatures, left over weapons from the Ages of War.

Reptons – Vaguely insectoid creatures, they live underground and only surface to seek a new queen for their leader.


Destroyer Ants (Mutations)

Dragon Snake – Commonly found in the Great Mountains.

Electro Beetles  (Stone Forest)

Flying Rock Monkey – Semi intelligent flying monkeys.

Mite Scarabs (Stone Forest)

Quadrot – lava creature

Rock Ape

Rock Panther

Soju, the Giant Water Lizard

Spider People

Spiked Lizards

Spike-worm (Stone Forest)

Swamp Monster


Venom Spider

Vulture – lizard like flying creature




Millennium Plant –

Peeludium –

Pfuffer Tree –

Trumpeter Flowers – The source of deadly poison that killed the Ancients of Quasar.

Geography – Locations

Black Pool – A massive sea of tar-like substance, and home to the Black Pool Dwellers.

Canyon Cliff – home to the Flying Monkey People


Dragon’s Peak


Endless Caves – Home to the Spider people

Great Mountains – One of the locations near the Ancient Ruins of Quasar where the Trumpeter Flower blooms.


Gravite Island – Home to the Gravites


Great Rock Forest – Home to the Dargytes


Green Gorge – Somewhere near the Sea People’s home.


Kyanite (nations or kingdom)


Nectar Orchard


Red Mountains


Stone Forest


Ruins of Trax – Former home to the worshipper of Trax.


Lost City of Quasar – Lost city of the Ancients.


Other items of note

Bramite – a mineral that can be brought to life for form a living being of mud with certain arcane energies.

Energy Stones –  The herculoids seem to have  an endless supply of explosive stones.