Savage Herculoids Setting Rules

Savage Herculoids Setting Rules

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Cosmic Heroes

For a campaign with cosmic-level heroes, those who can fly between solar systems in a matter of days and blast through spaceships, the changes are just as easy as playing a street level game.

All damage-causing powers gain the Focus ability for free (meaning they ignore the Armor of vehicles and buildings) with no attack roll penalty.

Heavy Armor becomes a 1 PP independent power that can be taken without purchasing the base Armor power.

Knockback is increased by one die type (d4s become d6s, d6s become d8s, etc.); however, a substantial object at this level must have a base Toughness (no Armor) equal or greater than the character hitting it. Otherwise, the character simply blows through and keeps going unchecked.

The carrying capacities for characters with Super Strength (more than a d12) are all multiplied by 10.

Flight and Speed have increased movement rates as noted in the Environmental Movement Options chart.


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