SavRS Characters 08.02: Public Occupation

SavRS Characters 08.02: Public Occupation

Roll 1d4 or Select the table that best suits your character concept

Type of Public Occupation/Career

1d4Type of Occupation
1Special Occupation
2High Income Occupation
3Blue Collar & Moderate Income Occupation
4Low Income Occupation

Special Occupations

1d20Special Occupations
1Business Owner - Business is based on a occupation. The character does not actually do this service, but has employees who do it. Determine the type of business on your own or roll 1d3 again on the occupation type table.

2Media Personality - Seen or heard on broadcast media, usually under the scrutiny of a propaganda ministry.
3Adventurer/Explorer- A professional hero/explorer for hire.
4Assassin- a professional killer. Works secretly.
5Author/Writer - A successful writer
6Career Criminal
8Entertainer/Celebrity - Examples include a racer, comedian, nightclub signer, popular band member, actor, rock musician or stage magician.
9Gladiator/Pit Fighter - A professional underground street or fight club fighter

10Guide/Pilot - a planetary bound or in-system pathfinder who aids travelers and merchants in unknown areas.
11Jack of All Trades - Multi-Craftman
13Professional Athlete - plays a sport professionally.
14Professional Prostitute/Escort - A companion for hire.
15Professional Gambler
16Spacecraft pilot - Can navigate a spacecraft between planets.
17Bounty Hunter - earns his fees from the government, bringing in criminals, political enemies and other scum.
18Government Worker - Works special jobs for the local authority
20Street Medic/Organ-legger/CyberDoc - Some kind of illegal medical service on the streets

High Income Occupation

1d20High Income Occupation
1Administrator/Manager - Oversees the operations of a large scale business or other organization.
2Architect - the designer of impressive buildings, both public and private.
3Attorney - Deals in the finer points of the law and defend­ing the innocent against unjust prosecution. On the other hand he may spend most of his time going for the "deep pocket" of insurance companies in civil liabilities cases.

4Banker - keeps track of other folks credit and loans credits to make credits.

5Business Owner - The type of activity the business is up to the player. The character does not actually do this service, but has employees who do it.
6Courtier/Courtesan - TAn attendant in the court of a Noble or Royal ruler sometimes nothing more than a fancy prostitute (particularly the female courtesan).
8Dentist- fixes teeth that need repair.
9Diplomat or Negotiator- Establishes or soothes relationships between governments or between businesses and governments.
10Government Official- If the occupation appears to be of low status within the government, assume that the character is in charge of all that type of activity for the government.
11Interpreter- speaks several important languages fluently. Is probably attached to a government office or a large corporation. Speaks {1d4} languages
12Landlord- owns property, rents it to others. Roll {1d10} for the number of properties owned.
13Marketing Specialist- knows how to promote and popularize people, consumer goods, corporations and so on
14Medical Doctor- General Practitioner or Specialist
15Merchant Captain - pilots a freighter between planets, transporting and selling goods.
16Philosopher- A thinker, a sage, or even a theologian probably associated with either a religious institution or a school of higher learning.
17Research Scientist - Examples: Aerospace, Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Cybernetics, Electronics/Computers, Medicine, Paranormal, Physics, Robotics
18Specialist - One of the characters highest skills acts as a major revenue producer for him. He has a unique approach to his particular skill.
19Colony Administrator - Character oversees some high level aspect of a colony.
20Colonial Specialist- A specialist in some aspect of colonial living.

Blue Collar/Moderate Income Occupations

1d20Blue Collar/Moderate Income Occupations
1Aircraft Pilot - Character can fly most standard aircraft.
2Professor/Scholar/Field Scientist - Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Biologist, Botanist, Geologist, Paleontologist, Planetologist or the like.
3Bar Owner - Character Runs a bar, pub or tavern where drinks and food are sold.
4Business Owner - The type of activity the business performs is up to the character and the GM. The character has employees who perform this service.
5Cook/Chef - A Cook for a good restaurant or a wealthy family.

6Construction Professional - Examples are Carpenter, Electrician, Heavy equip. driver, Mason, Plumber, and Steelworker
9Engineer - Examples include Aerospace, Agricultural, Computer, Electrical/Power, Cybernetic, Robotics, Manufacturing, Starship, Mechanical, Medical, or Structural
10Government worker - If the selected job appears to be one of a relatively high status, assume that the character is an assistant to that position, maybe a second in command.
11Journalist - A reporter of news and events
12Manager - Manages the operation of a restaurant, hotel or retail establishment.
14Naval/Sea Ship Captain - Character sails ships on the high seas, lakes and rivers.
15Public Safety/Servant - This occupation includes Fireman, Paramedic, Constabulary, etc
16Starship Ship Captain
17Teacher - teaches children and young people, usually under the scrutiny of a government ministry .
18Security Specialist - A corporate cop, security guard or even a private bodyguard.
19Colony Administrator - Character oversees some aspect of a colony.
20Colonist - A transplant to another planet.

Low Income Occupation

1d20 Low Income Occupation
1Alchemist - a maker of potions, a "magical" meddler in the sciences. Not truly a wizard, not quite a scientist.
2Charcoal burner - converts wood into charcoal.
3Fisherman - his livelihood is the sea.
4Forester - a warrior, guide and hunter who knows the forest, its flora and its fauna.
5Hunter - he stalks wild game, providing both food and clothing.
6Laborer - a strong body is all he needs.
7Launderer - washes clothing.
8Peat cutter - cuts peat moss blocks for use as fuel.
9Prophet - someone who speaks for God, bringing the diety's messages directly to the people.
10Riding Master - breeds riding beasts, breaks them to the saddle and teaches riding skills.
11Scribe - reads and writes fluently in several languages and has legible, even elegant handwriting.
12Second Hand Shop - buys used goods, fixes them up a bit and resells them for less than new. Much junk, but often real bargains to be found.
13Serf - an agricultural slave.
14Shaman - a religious leader. Often feared and quite powerful. This is the early equivalent of both physician and priest. In addition to totem spirit magic, he is wise in the ways of plant lore and folk medicines.
15Sharecropper - he farms another's lands.
16Shipwright - a builder of sailing vessels.
17Tent or Sail maker - depending on the culture, he makes tents (of felt, fabric or leather) or sails for sailing boats.
18Toolmaker - a craftsman who makes simple tools.
19Street Warrior - Muscle for hire on the streets
20Woodcutter - cuts wood for fuel and lumber.

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