Division 8

Division 8

This was inspired by various things but primarily the mood organs in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip K Dick.  

The Division of Public Pacification, Mind Alteration, and Mood Programming, otherwise known as Division 8, is a relatively new and covert division of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.  With many innovations in medicine, genetics and pharmaceuticals,  the Reich has slowly been perfecting a means to do more than feed the mind information to pacify the public – they want to literally alter the thoughts of the public, suppress subversive thoughts, and alter moods to enough of the public to minimize resistance and maximize compliance.

Many efforts were made early on after the Victory in the War of Unification to alter public opinion and pacify the population of the Reich.  Elimination of competing and inferior cultures and religions was first on the list.  As death camps and mass execution faded out of political favor, mass relocation, eugenics, and forced birth control were used extensively.  Cultural genocide was the core policy.  Water down all other cultures and the superior culture will dominate.  This had some success but that was not enough.

Division 8 was formed as the classic models of misinformation through broadcast and print media, mass rallies, art, music, and film censorship showed very limited effect.  The Reich had to figure out ways to pacify a majority of their citizens and turn them into compliant sheep.  Linked to various other ministries and sub-ministries like the Office of Population Management, Ministry of Interior, Ministry for Agriculture, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health and Human Resources and the Ministry of Science, Division 8 finds ways to injects various mind altering technologies into public life to accomplish the core goal – pacify a majority of the population.

It started with simple drugs and has since evolved into biochemicals and other technologies covertly inserted into everyday life.  Because the bulk of the population within the Reich massed to the cities, it proved easy to pacify them.  These various drugs and technologies have gone through extensive testing and have shown to effect a majority of human citizens.  Only a fringe percentage seem to have an immunity to them and another fringes seems to have severe and averse reactions to them.  For the latter, they are usually deemed a danger to the Public Health and taken away to be “cared by the State.”

Common methods used by this ministry are the following:

Food And Water Additives – Through the Ministry for Agriculture, the Ministry for Agriculture and the Ministry of Health and Human Resources, Division 8 has disguised various additives and “nutrients” important to the public health that are actually various drugs and other bio-chemicals to help make people compliant.

Climate Control Chemicals -Late in the 19th century, the notion of “ecosystem devolution” or öko-abwicklung became popular and was used to motivate many alternative agendas to control the population.  One was known as Project Luftsaat or Air Seed.  The concept was a joint effort between Division 8, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Transport to add certain additives in fuels and HVAC units to further pacify more of the populations.  Called “pollution control” and “eco-friendly” technologies, these additives would be released into the air and constantly inhaled by the population within many of the urban areas.  Late in the projects process, even aircraft fuel was modified to seed a much wider area beyond the urban regions, with limited success.

Immunizations – Ministry of Health and Human Resources was also tapped by Division 8 when the need to control certain diseases became a priority within the Reich.  Additives were also added to various vaccines to facilitate compliance.

Public Broadcast Waves –  Technologies advanced early in the 21st century that subliminal resonances within broadcast waves could be inserted to further suppress seditious and rebellious thought.  This had limited effect but was most effective through broadcast television sets.

Mood Enhancing Devices – Initially most common in Berlin and other German cities, the Zauberer or Wizard was a device popularized by the Elite and Uber of society around 2025.  Since then, there are many version of this common household device.  Good Reich citizens are strongly encouraged to engage with their Zauberer once a day, and is considered as common as brushing one’s teeth or taking a shower.  Some higher-end models are actually installed in the shower.  Comprised of a headset and wall unit, it contains all one needs to set the mood for the day.  Re-supplies are purchased at the nearest shopping mart, and the more you use it, the cheaper the supplies are.

Deemed a better solution to the limited effect subliminal resonances were having on the public airwaves, the modern version of these units combine the effects of a immersive virtual reality experience, mind altering drugs injected through the VR equipment, and various electronic and subsonic impulse tech to modify, program and set the citizens attitude and mood of the day.  If you wish to be a productive and happy, simply dial it up.  If you want to be focused and quiet, that can be dialed up as well.  Only attitudes of a good, compliant and positive citizen are allowed, by law.  If one is found to contain any negative or seditious traits (available on the black market), the owner is arrested and the equipment destroyed.

Zauberers have proven to be one of the most effective methods to public pacification and Division 8 has dedicated considerable resources to create quality content for the VR experience as well as drugs to enhance that experience.  In the guise of various sub-divisions of various mega-corporations, Division 8 has become one of the largest divisions of RMVP.

Corporate Fronts for Division 8 include

  • Reich Geschäftsmaschinen (RGM)
  • Siemens-Oberhauserwerke
  • Grunebaum Elektronisch
  • Die Magische Kiste (The Magic Box)
  • Birnen-Gesellschaft (Pear Corporation)
  • Reichskirche-Gesellschaft (Reichs Church Inc)

Beichtstuhl Zauberers (Confessional Wizards) are special versions of the Zauberers developed by Reichskirche-Gesellschaft (the corporate arm of the Reich Church).  These units also act as intelligence gathering units and are directly linked to the local Reich ministry of intelligence.

Psychic Covens – The newest subdivision of Division 8 – Division 8p – uses the fledgling science of psychic phenomenon to influence small areas of importance to the Reich.  Covens of government sanctioned psychics area housed in secret facilities for the sole purpose of sending on psychic influences to the local population.  It was found that larger the group of psychics, the larger of an area they could cover.  However, it became harder and harder to hide these covens from the resistance so this project – Project Gedankenkraft – remains limited in its effectiveness.

Division 8 vs. The Resistance

Division 8 has been one of the strongest threats against the Resistance. It is difficult to recruit members and increase your manpower amongst a population of sheep.  In an effort to counter D8’s efforts, the Resistance has engaged various measures to weed the Sheep Dogs from the Sheep.  These include:

  • Supply disruption of these “additives.”
  • General terrorist tactics against corporate fronts of D8
  • Antidote (developed by allies within the Empire) distribution into water supplies.
  • Hacking of Zauberer networks to send anti-Reich messages
  • Psychic disruption

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