Savage Reich Star Tech #3.6: Personal Equipment

Savage Reich Star Tech #3.6: Personal Equipment

This is a list of equipment I am developing for Savage Reich Star.  I will update it as I go along in the development.

Personal Equipment


Actual physical computer terminals are nearly a thing of the past and are only commonly seen in public access terminals.  Tables, desks and even chairs are not intelligent and connected.  Couple them with a PTD and they have full access to whatever the person normally has access to.   Build in hologram projectors, processor coupling technology and network access technology allows just about any piece of furniture become a computer terminal.  These are collectively called Intelli-ture or Schnittstellemöbel in the Reich.

Lift Belt

This is a small version of a Contra-Grav unit to be worn personally by individual. Power by a small fusion battery, this unit commonly used to travel short distances when public transit is inadequate or inconvenient. In most urban areas of Erde, manual piloting is illegal.  So lift-belts are equipped with an autopilot that has geo-positioned landing sites pre-programmed in.   Also some people enjoy going to the lift-rink to display their lift-belt skill. On worlds other than Erde, lift belt licenses are easily acquired and more freedom is allowed for usage.

Small contr-grav generators lift the wearer off the ground and propel him forward at the desired speed. Lift belts are sturdy and reliable, and are simple to operate. In-flight changes of altitude, course heading, or speed are made with a small pressure-sensitive joystick attached to the belt by a retractable length of intercable.  Lift belts work only in gravity wells; they are useless in deep space. Weight: 5. Acc/TS: 12/100. CAPACITY: can lift 450 in 1G.  APPLICABLE SKILL: Piloting

Personal Terminal Device

ptdeviceMobile Communication went in a different direction than in the world we know.  Originally designed for the Elite to access the world networks, in 2065 they are far more than just a communication device.  Everything is wireless now, and with the right codes and access level, one can access anything with a flick of a finger.  A PTD or Personal Terminal Device comes in various designs but all function similarly.  The standard model that is commonly found on the market looks like a simple piece of clear plastic.  Nano-circuitry comes to life when activated to project the interface in holographic displays.



Hartleder or Hard Leather, is a type of armor created by the resistance network for their agents.   Since, especially in the Reich, wearing actual body armor is illegal, the resistance had to come up with something easily producible and easily hidden.  They took commercially available synth-leather and chemically treated it to act as armor.  Standard Hartleder gains the wear +2 to Toughness and +4 vs. low impact melee weapons and unarmed attacks.

Light Body Armor

Body Armor (from the Science Fiction Companion) is far less concealable in the Reich Star universe than described in the text, so there is a lighter version that passes as clothing.  It adds +2 Armor and negates up to 2 points of AP from ballistic attacks (but not energy or melee). (2 lb, $100).


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