SavRS Tech 03.11: Armor

SavRS Tech 03.11: Armor


Hartleder or Hard Leather, is a type of armor created by the resistance network for their agents.   Since, especially in the Reich, wearing actual body armor is illegal, the resistance had to come up with something easily producible and easily hidden.  They took commercially available synth-leather and chemically treated it to act as armor.  Standard Hartleder gains the wear +2 to Toughness and +4 vs. low impact melee weapons and unarmed attacks.

Light Body Armor

Body Armor (from the Science Fiction Companion) is far less concealable in the Reich Star universe than described in the text, so there is a lighter version that passes as clothing.  It adds +2 Armor and negates up to 2 points of AP from ballistic attacks (but not energy or melee). (2 lb, $100).

Yakuza Weave

A specially treated nano-tech enhanced silk that is highly effective against melee attacks, especially mono-edged attacks. Against melee attacks, it has an armor value of +3 and it also ignores 2 points of AP. However, it is useless against ranged attacks. However it is virtually weightless.

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