Adventure: Hello from the Other Side

Adventure: Hello from the Other Side

An Adventure seed inspired by The Dunwich Horror and The Thing


Ships are being mysteriously attacked/destroy by marauders, in the Belt and between the Belt and Jupiter.


The resistance is pulled in when one of their important supply ships to a remote cell in the belt is lost (and the cell could die without the supplies).

Players could be investigating the attacks or simply be another supply run (needs a ship).


Encounter with a ship that has just been attacked or at attack from one of the ships


The concept revolves around the multiple attempts many are trying to develop FTL technology.  Inter-dimensional travel is obviously one of those concepts as we all know, since the eventual result of all this research is TDI.  This particular attempt at this technology was a miserable failure.

{Corporate Asteroid Research Facility} has tapped into a dimension and released a strange alien parasite onto their facility.  It merges with the human host (a la The Thing).  Originally a fungus in that dimension, it mutated on contact with human flesh, gaining sentients by linking all the brains of its victims together like a circuit.  This extra-dimensional fungus is has become amorphous and can merge with any flesh.

It has encased the ships docked at the station and merged their crew.  It has encased the ships in a organic carapace that acts as a stealth armor (absorbing scanner signals).  It seeks to spread and propagate among the humans, adopting the human instinct to breed.  It attacks other ships and boards them, spreading into them, and building a fleet.

{EXPANSION} – what happens when it merges with a Psychic.

{EXPANSION} – The Dunwich Twist – A long time ago, this was attempted before by some cultists.  Something came through and now it wants to return.  It has disguised itself as a human but actually is some Cthulhoid-like creature from that same realm.


Imagine a bridge with all this stringy, amorphous goo linked several distinguishable “mounds” and when they uncover those mounds, they find human brains connected up to these stans.