SavRS Tech 03.07: Life Extension Tech

SavRS Tech 03.07: Life Extension Tech

Some aspects of the Niven-verse (bosterspice) have inspired me to apply them to the Reich Star universe.  Also recently, the new show Altered Carbon has given me some ideas.

There are two major ways to extend ones’ lives in 2065: body banks and life extending eugenics.

Body Banks

A lower cost method, those that are allowed by law can grow replacement cloned body parts and in some cases full bodies.  Consciousnesses transfer into a full body is extremely expensive, however, and also risky.  The traditional use of body banks is organ replacement, usually extending the lives of approved citizens 20 to 30 years.

Life Extending Eugenics

Life Extension Eugenics (LEEs) or Unsterblut (or 不朽 in the Empire, which tanslates to Everlasting) in 2065 is a special and expensive eugenics process.  One has to be bred for long life, thus in the societies of Erde, it is only available to the upper class.  In the Reich, only the select and purist Aryan citizens are allowed access to the program.  In the Empire, only the purest Wajin and most noble of the Empire are allowed access to the technology.

It starts just after conception, once a viable fetus is confirmed.  Life extending bio-enhancing nanite tech is injected into the mother’s womb, to be absorbed into the baby.  These nanites are dormant until the age of 30 when the activation treatment is given.  Throughout the child’s early life, other bio-chemicals and nanites are injected to boost the first ones.  At 30 (a government mandated “ideal age”), the activation injection turns on the revitalization nanites that then actively revitalize all human tissue in the body, eliminating any degradation factors due to age.  All disease and other maladies are cured.  They are the perfect human from a longevity point of view.

All they need is the occasional booster shot, which occurs every decade.  At any time, the citizen can choose to stop injections to either age a little more or eventually die of natural causes.

Side effectsUnsterblut treatments are still early in their development stages, so currently there are some untold side effects.  Too many in high society want this technology so these side effects are kept secret.

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