SavRS Setting 02.08: Major Space Stations & Colonies

SavRS Setting 02.08: Major Space Stations & Colonies

This is a list of major Space Stations and Colonies on the Solar System.  The following is an explanation of each entry

Name – The designation used by the residents or administrative control of the installation (Colonies or Stations).

Location – The orbital position or ground based/hard location of the installation.

Lagrange Points – A Lagrange point is a location in space where the combined gravitational forces of two large bodies, such as Earth and the sun or Earth and the moon, equal the centrifugal force felt by a much smaller third body.  This smaller third body can then maintain a stable position relative to the two large bodies. Earth Lagrange regions are given as L1-L5. Lagrange regions for other bodies are prefaced by the planet or satellite name.

For easy reference, a list of the planets and their moons is shown below. Only those moons mentioned in the text are given.

MARSDeimos, Phobos
JUPITERIo, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto
SATURNMimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea, Titan, Hyperion, Iapetus, Phoebe
URANUS[Puck/1985U1], [Miranda], Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, Oberon
NEPTUNETriton, Nereid
PLUTOHoenir [Charon]

Function  – The primary purpose of the installation.  Most installations have more than one purpose, and many include elements of several functions.  These can be:

  • Colony – The Location is intended for human population
  • Industry – The installation is a manned or automated factory or commercial establishment
  • Mining – The installation is a manned or unmanned installation that mines a specific or multiple raw materials including ores, gases or water.
  • Scientific – The installation was built for research and development.
  • Military – The installation is either a manned military base or an automated monitoring/weapons platform. This also includes penal colonies, slave labor colonies and death stations.

Population – The general population of the station.  High transit stations will vary from 25% to 30%.  Most installation’s life support can handle 10% to 20% more than their given population, and most regulate their population strictly.

Affiliation – The first entry represents the ruling government.  Entries after that are influential factions also present on the colony or station, including Mega corporations, etc.  Finally, any entries in parentheses are the underground factions with a considerable amount of influence on the installation.

Notes – Further explanation of the installation and its importance to the system.

Name LocationFunctionPopulationAffiliation & NotesDistance (AUs)
Baldr/FūjinVenusColony/Scientific/Military/Mining600kAffiliation: The Empire/The Reich, [various corporations]

Notes: Joint colony on Venus and the center of any operations that take place on the Venusian surface.
Himmler AlphaVenus GSOScientific, Military150kAffiliation: The Reich

Notes: Primary Venus Transit Point
KaltenbrunnerVenus GSOColony (Penal)1 millionAffiliation: The Reich

Notes: The Reich's largest orbital penal colony
Adler I Earth Orbit, GSOColony/Military1 millionAfilliation: The Reich [Reich Corporations] (The Tower)

Notes: Main Reich/Erde Transit Point
Tsuki-Yomi Ptolemaeus Crater, LunaColony/Industrial/Military/Mining2.5 millionAffiliation: The Empire , [Nippon Corporations] (The Yakuza)

Notes: The Empire's Major Luna Port
Port Máni Clavius Crater, LunaColony/Industrial/Military/Mining2 millionAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation] (various resistance/crime orgs)

Notes: The Reich's Major Luna Port
HirohitoEarth OrbitColony/Military1 millionAffiliation: The Empire, [Nippon Corporations] (The Yakuza)

Notes: Main Imperial/Erde Transit Point
Oki IIL2Colony/Industrial/Military200kAffiliation: The Empire, [Nippon Corporation] (The Yakuza)1
HansbäckerEarth GSOColony/Scientific500kAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation] (various resistance/crime orgs)

Notes: The Reich Secondary port for trans-Erde traffic.
lzanamiL4Colony/Military500kAffiliation: The Empire 1
Alder II L3Military250kAffiliation: The Reich

Notes: Inner Reach Space Navy Port
KruegerL5Colony/Military/Industrial1 millionAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation] (various resistance/crime orgs)1
Oki IL3Colony/Industrial/Military100kAffiliation: The Empire, [Nippon Corporation] (The Yakuza)1
Eros Station 1Eros asteroidMilitary100kAffiliation: The Empire/The Reich

Notes: Military Monitoring Station
Nagumo MarsColony/Industrial/Military/Mining3 millionAffiliation: The Empire

Notes: The Primary Imperial Mars Colony.
HodurMarsColony/Industrial/Military/Mining2 millionAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation] (various resistance/crime orgs)

Notes: The Reich's Primary Mars Colony
PallasPallas, Asteroid BeltColony/Industrial1.5 millionAffiliation: The Empire/The Reich, [Corporate], ([Belter Resistance], The Yakuza)

Notes: Major Belt Import/Export/Trade Station
ApianusApianus, Asteroid BeltColony/Military/Scientific500kAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation]

Notes: Primary Military Training facility for the Belt, as well as a research station for military contractors.
AngrboðaIo Industrial/Mining100kAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation]5.2
FriggIo Colony/Military/Scientific 200kAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporations] ([resistance])5.2
New AugustaIapetus Polar OrbitColony/Military1.25 millionAffiliation: ISR/The Reich

Notes: Major Military Training Center for both the ISR and Reich
Mendoza AlphaSaturn GSOColony/Scientific/Military100kAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation] (various resistance/crime orgs)9
MatsuiCallisto GSOColony/Industrial/Military/Mining300kAffiliation: The Empire

Notes: The Primary Imperial Jupiter port
FernensternPluton-[Charon] L1Scientific/Military0 (automated)Affiliation: The Reich

Notes: Military and Scientific Monitoring Station, commanded by [Neptune Station]
Hausmann ColonyGanymede, Siegel CraterColony/Scientific/Military/Mining50kAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation] 5.2
Yamaoka 1Ganymede, Masami CraterColony/Scientific/Military/MiningAffiliation: The Empire , [Nippon Corporations] (The Yakuza)5.2
Joseph GoebbelsJupiter GSOColony/Military/Industrial2.5 millionAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation] (various resistance/crime orgs)5.2
Westendorp AlphaReiner Crater, LunaColony/Industrial/Military/Mining1.1 millionAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation] (various resistance/crime orgs)

Established by Dutch loyalists to the Reich.
HjertssonvilleVesta, Asteroid BeltColony/Industrial/Military/Mining1 millionAffiliation: The Reich, [Reich Corporation] (various resistance/crime orgs)

Swedish Colony, allied with the Reich
KehlmannbergCopernicus Crater, LunaPrivate Colony/Scientific> 1kPrivately owned colony established by corporate mogul, Torsten Kehlmann. He is a Reich loyalist.1

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