Megacorporations of 2065

Megacorporations of 2065

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Corporate HQ: Frankfurt

One of the largest mega-corps in the Reich, they started out as a electrical and communications company and now control a majority of the Reich Netz.  They have several prominent subsidiaries.

Astroausführung, GmbH – Netz software development company.

Brahmweiller – Consumer and Industrial electronic systems

Banjlov-Cronauer Fortschritilich Robotiks und Technologies (BCFRT) – Robotics and cybernetics

Cybernetic Technologies Incorporated (CTI) – Computers, and robotics, US based

Kronnenberg – Electronic systems


Corporate HQ:  Detroit

One of the largest vehicle corporations in the world, they overtook most of the US car builders after the invasion.  Subsidiaries include:

Porsche-Chrysler – Luxury contra-grav cars, air-cars, and suborbital vehicles.

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG –  This company swallowed up both GM and Ford to form the largest consumer level auto maker in the world.

Junker Maschinen Herstellung – Jet and starship engines.


Corporate HQ: Frankfurt

The largest chemical and pharmaceutical industry conglomerate. Its name is taken from Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie AktienGesellschaft (Plc Syndicate [literally, “community of interests”] of dye-making corporations).  In 2065, it has its hands in any and every chemical or drug manufactured in the Reich, from food preservatives to rocket fuel.

Subsidiaries include:

Bollenbach laboratories – Biological, chemical, and bacteriological Research

Gerber foods – Food production

Bayer AGchemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences company.

Krupp AG

Corporate HQ: Essen

A company with a long history of weapons and machinery manufacturing, it is now the primary supplies of weapons, ships and heavy equipment to the Reich.

Bauman Industries – starships

Eicher Firearms, GmbH – Firearms and ammunition

Krupp und sonen chemikalien – Chemical Weapons

Kaufmann Kreigsmaterialen, GmbH Firearms and ammunition

Kellar Kreigsmaterialen, GmbH – Heavy weapons, space crafy weapons.

Blohm-Voss – Naval and space craft

Mauser-Luger – Firearms and ammunition

Van Dyne – Heavy Equipment and vehicles


Corporate HQ:  Chicago

Lufthansa is the largest air and space craft manufacturer as well as transportation service provider.

Subsidiaries include:

Lufthansa – Aircraft and airline service provider.

Messerschmitt-Deschimag – Air and space craft, hovercraft.

Koenig Mascinen Herstellung – spacecraft engines


Corporate HQ: Munich

Siemens-Saargruben is the largest energy and industrial manufacturing company in the world. The principal divisions of the company are Mining, Industry, Energy, Healthcare, and Infrastructure & Cities.  These which represent the main activities of the mega-corporations, but it has a deeper involvement in the Reich being one of the main outlets of its eugenics and population manipulation programs.

Subsidiaries include:

Vereinigte Metallwerke (United Metalworks) – Steel and metal works

Stellare Industrieunternehmen (Stellar United Enterprises)  – Asteroid Mining

Bosch Unternehmen (Bosch Enterprizes) – Energy Production


A Zaibatsu refers to industrial and financial corporations in the Empire, who are influential and large enough to control significant parts of the Japanese economy.   In 2065, the Big Four zaibatsu still exist – Sumitomo, Mitsui, Mitsubishi, and Yasuda.  These corporations are massive monopolies virtually into everything – from mining to construction; consumer goods to military contracts.




Sumitomo is primarily into the raw material business and was one of the first companies to begin mining the asteroid belt.  The supply much of the Empire any of its raw ores for the industries.  Sumitomo Steel is legendary.  They are well known to go to great lengths to find the materials the Emperor needs.  The Reich megacorporation Siemens commonly butt heads with Sumitomo when ore claims in the solar system are in question.



Mitsui a massive conglomerate of trade goods and services.  They have their hands in intra-stellar trade, banking, food and other consumable manufacturing as well as health care, pharmaceuticals and other chemical production.



Mitsubishi was a major manufacturer of war machines during the war and now produces a wide variety of vehicles and heavy equipment for the Empire.




There are also second tier or minor zaibatsus














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