SavRS Setting 02.05: Megopolises or Metoplexes

SavRS Setting 02.05: Megopolises or Metoplexes

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With the spike in population, urban sprawl is massive.  Cities have expanded beyond the original boundaries.  Territory, Province, State and County borders have been blurred under the Reich or Imperial control.  Phildephia Megopolis has expanded deep into neighboring New Jersey to create one of the largest cities on the East Coast (most of what was left of New York City moved there).


As the name implies, the Megopolises are huge cities that climb high in the sky.  Through engineering feats “… that can only be accomplished by German or Japanese ingenuity …,”  skyscrapers stand like castles in the sky, high rise walkways give the elite ways to avoid the dirty streets, huge holographic billboard display the day’s “information” and “words of inspiration” to all and contra-grav platforms floating above like royal litters floating above the little people.  In the Reich, the common theme in their architecture is monolithic and intimidation.  It’s hard not to feel insignificant in a Reich City.  In the Empire, the architecture is more artful but still monolithic, in honor of their god-emperor and the royal family.

The streets are grim scenes of dirt, grime, and smog.  It is common to where some kind of mask or rebreather while travelling on these levels.  Storefronts and restaurants have sealable doors with air filtration systems.  The streets are commonly clogged with skimmers and skimmer bikes.  Robots skitter along performing various jobs that humans use to do.

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