National Treasures of the Reich

National Treasures of the Reich

Famous Buildings, Landmarks and Institutions

  • Chancellory Building in Berlin – Offices of Der Führer and his staff. The Reichskabinet also convenes here.
  • Reichstag Building, Berlin- Offices and assembly halls for the Reichstag, located across from the River Spree in front of the Brandenburg Gate.
  • The Great Hall, Berlin – A colossal green domed structure measuring 252 meters in diameter, and holding room for 150,000 people. It is used by the Party for official meetings.
  • Führer Palast, Berlin – The Reichschancellor’s official palace in Berlin.
  • High Command of the Armed Forces Building, Berlin, Deutschland – Offices for the Wehrmacht, Navy, Grenzkorps, Kriegsmarine, and Ministry of Armaments.
  • Heinrich Himmler Building, Berlin – Offices of the Reichsführer-SS, the RSHA, and other departments of the SS.
  • Office of the Reichsmarschal, Berlin – Office and official residence for the head of the Armed Forces of the Third Reich.
  • Adolf Hitler Platz, Berlin – The great plaza located south of the Great Hall. Official May 1 Party rallies are held here with room for 1,000,000 spectators.
  • Deutsche War Academy, Berlin – The most prestigious officer training school in the Reich.
  • Arch of Triumph, Berlin – This lies opposite the Great Hall at the far end of the Grand Avenue. Engraved on its surface are the names of the 1,800,000 German who perished in the Great War (WWI). It stands 122m above the avenue.
  • Soldiers Hall, Berlin – This building is a shrine to past war heroes of the Third Reich from the Great War all the way through to the Aryan-Jazuri War.
  • Altes Museum, Berlin – Oldest Museum in Germany, renovated and expanded in 2002.  Some of the Third Reich’s most revered treasures can be found in the Altes Museum in Berlin.  Among the most prolific are – A copy of “Mein Kampf”, autographed by Adolf Hitler; Heinrich Himmler’s body, encased within a transparisteel capsule and watched over by a Liebstandarte-SS honor guard; One of Richard Wagner’s pianos; The first Volkswagen car; Sternwagen-9 recovery module, from the first lunar expedition; Otto Hansbacher’s space suit; The Holy Lance, supposedly the spear that pierced Krist’s (Christ’s) side on the cross. It has strong ties with the Holy Grail mythos, and many Arturian legends of Kymru (Wales)

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