Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

I have been trying to hammer out a sequel to the previous trilogy of adventures in Savage Reich Star.   There is so much material left to cover that I have always thought I could up with at least one more trilogy if not two.  This one, I am calling Fallen Angels and as the name implies, deals with the pilots of the alien space craft that crashed in 1937.

A lot of touchy and dark subjects come to mind when dealing with Nazis and biology.  Introduce alien biology and it opens up a ton of possibilities.  Connections to the Aryan race, Atlantis and all the occult story-lines of the Nazis opens up a ton of adventure.

The first inspiration was the mountain fortresses collectively called Project Riese.  I found it fascinating that Hitler wanted to build this massive fortress in the mountains of Germany/Poland.  Well, of course, the timing would be off since in our setting, Hitler was assassinated in 1941 and apparently these were started in 1943.  However, if he had alien technology at his disposal, perhaps he would have accelerated the process.  At least, that was my thinking.

Secondly, after digging deeper and deeper into the Nazi’s obsession with the Ayran “race”, you find all kinds of occult, legend and myth.  You also learn just how nuts these people were.  It’s not hard to take that obsession down the interstellar alien road.  Many movies have also gone down this road along with the super-soldier trope.

One of the first things I do for an adventure is determine the various locations.  An alternate version of Project Reise was going to be one of them.  Another location I looked at for inspiration is Castle Wewelsburg.  There is all kinds of cool stuff in that one. Plus three were plans to make it the equivalent of Disneyworld for the Reich.  My mind went crazy with that one.  This room alone was inspiration for something that will drive the entire mini-campaign – teleportation devices or gates.

Additionally, this room inspired me in the same way.

I just had to have something to link all these locations together as well as have an intriguing ending location.  I struggled with this.  Then I dug into the lore behind the “Aryan race” obsession the Nazis had.  Ancient Aliens also helped some

What grew out of it was a three phase adventure that I seriously thought I could fit into one 4- hour slot.  As my playtesters realized, I had way more story than I realized.  Each phase I planned was actually one adventure in and of itself.  This was the breakdown

  1. Child of the Angel – Discover Hess’s legacy – a possible immortality serum – and the technology he was able to get working out of the UFO – teleportation pads.  The players have to obtain the codex used to activate the remaining pads.
  2. Fortress of the Angel – Inspired by Project Riese, the players explore the underground abandoned labs of Hess and his scientists.
  3. City of the Angel – Players teleport to a strange moving city on another planet.

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