Savage Reich Star 10.0: Setting Rules

Savage Reich Star 10.0: Setting Rules

Under constructions.  Updating for SWADE


Humans only, as they are the predominant race.  No Aliens (yet), but instead we have a variety of genetically enhanced humans (transhumans).  See Characters for the variety of humans or transhumans characters can play.

Characters in Savage Reich Star start with 15 skills points


Skills not used: Faith, Focus, Spellcasting


There are fewer ground cars than contra-grav cars in 2065, but as the core rules imply, Driving applies to both.  However, contra-grav cars can leave the standard near-ground routes mandated by government and when it does, Piloting skills is used.


The Computer knowledge skill covers all skill checks including hacking, programming, and Netz accessing.


Piloting applies to airplanes, helicopters, life belts, and any other flying devices.  When a contra-grav car goes “off road,” Piloting skill is used.

Psychic Ability

This is the skill Psychics use to activate and control their psychic powers.



Weapons are highly restricted in both the Reich and Empire of Nippon.  Without a special permit from the government or membership in the armed forces, no citizen is allowed to own a weapon.  Weapons production and distribution is also very restricted.  Penalty for unauthorized weapons possession can range from immediate execution to live in prison.  The black market is rampant, however, with outmoded version of military weapons, however.  The military is supposed to destroy old caches of weapons but illegal networks grew like vines around the trafficking of these caches.  In the mid to late 21st century, there are only a few specific weapons types available.  Hand held personal energy weapons have not been developed yet.  Weapons types (From the Science Fiction Companion p 19-22) available are:

Flame Weapons

Flechette Weapons


Gyrojet Weapons

Portable Missile Launcher

Slugthrowers (most common)

Stun Guns


Cybernetics were primarily developed to replace missing limbs or diseased organs. However they are extremely expensive.  for example:

Biologically Adaptive Arm (RM 4000)

Biologically Adaptive Leg (RM 5,000)

Biologically Adaptive Hand (RM 1000)

Prosthetic Bio-mechanical Arm  (RM 1,000)

Prosthetic Bio-mechanical Hand (RM 500)

Prosthetic Bio-mechanical Leg (RM 1,000)

Cybernetic Heart (RM 4,000)

Cybernetic Lung (RM 2,000)

Additionally, the technology for cloned organs is advancing considerably.  Many Elites have banks of their own cloned organs in case they need them.  Cyber Enhancements are also available


Regeneration of Power Points is lowered to 1 per hour

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