Savage Reich Star 03.0: Technology

Savage Reich Star 03.0: Technology

Our technology view from 1990 to today has changed a little.  The internet was not so prevalent back then. Watching an old episode of X-files,  the innovation of cell phones alone helped change the way they told stories on the show.  We never really foresaw a lot of that and so we have to ask how can we update it in a way that makes sense.

Nothing in the original book displays how short-sighted people were of technology in the 90s then the piece of equipment show here:

DIGITAL CAMERA (uses 3.5 floppy disk. 100 pictures. no developing. Digital images. Can be printed off using a computer) (.4 kg) RM 300 (Reich Star page 81)

I am sure that sounded cutting edge back then but you can’t find a digital camera today, hardly.  Except maybe the high-end ones.  Nevermind a 3.5″ disc.  They disappeared faster than Hitler at a gay bar.  However, this technology was for a world set in 2134!  Where I want to reset the game – the late to mid-21st – I think it would all be integrated into your cell phone device equivalent.

German and Japanese innovation, unfettered and competitive since WWII would have made sincere advancements in all levels of technology.  Human need would drive that, so it more than likely would be similar.  What main areas should be focused on?  How would they be different?

Internet would be a big one.  The freedom of that much information would be something both powers would fear and need to control.  Security based on race or genealogy would probably be keyed into it.  Some would have more access than other, as privilege of the lineage or genetics.  This can be faked of course, but all know that every single piece of information is going through government  owned servers or monitoring stations.  By the late 21st century, one of the powers may have already built various AI programs to monitor the Internet for subversive information or fraudulent access.  So an internet would become a tyrant’s best tool as well as his best enemy.

Personal Communication is another two way street – a lot of freedom to communicate but a lot of ways to use it against your enemies.  In the totalitarian world to Reich Star, it is reasonable to think that cell phones in some fashion have available for some time.  In fact, it is listed as an item you can buy in the equipment list, but nothing more.  Cell phones today are much more than a piece of equipment.  They are your personal access to information, application and a part of your way of life.  A more modern approach probably needs to be thought about.

This would be my approach:

Worn your wrist like the classic “Dick Tracy” communicator watches, this uses holographics to display everything along your arm.  It has a small screen for basic information or a private audio conversation but for apps and internet access, you can display it on your arm, a nearby wall or any other surface.  There is something like that now in the Cicret Smart Bracelet, but I think this idea advances that.  By the late 21st century in Reich Star, the cell phones will be super computers of today. Wireless ring attachments can be used for various things – camera, microphones, sensors or scanners.  Practical and fashionable.

So I am going to post Technology Updates here that I will work into my interpretation of the game.


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