Savage Reich Star 07.0: Skills, Edges & Hindrances

Savage Reich Star 07.0: Skills, Edges & Hindrances

These are based on Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition rules. 

New Skills

Computers [Smarts]

While a Knowledge skill in Computers can get around the basics of computer operation and usage, Computers skill is a far more in depth skill.  Someone with this skill can program, re-program and even hack computer and network systems.  The Netz is your playground with this skill.  There are two basic functions of this skill

  • Hacking – Used to break into systems the user in not supposed to have access to, this aspect of Computer skills required some kind of access into the system and various rolls when facing the security challenges along the way.
  • Programming – This aspect of the skill allows the use to design and develop functional programs.



Outsider is a more prominent than in the world of Reich Star.  In the Reich, it applies to anyone not considered undesirable or minder.  In most cases, this applies to most resistance members.  Rarely do uber work to bite the hands that feed them.  In the Empire, an Outsider is simply considered Gaijin.  Outsiders have few privileges than Elite or Noble people.

Outsider can be taken as a Minor or Major Hindrance.  Taking it as a Major Hindrance means the character is of the lowest of the undesirables – tainted” genetic lines with non-Ayran ethnicities.  In game, it means there is something physical that makes their status obvious – skin color, facial feature or physical tattoo for instance.  As a Major Hindrance, the character gains the effects of Poverty as well.



Nobles are considered uber in Reich Star.  They have the privileges of the Aryans in the Reich or the Wajin in Japan.  It earns them certain privileges in the world that surmount to wealth and political influence.

Technical Adept

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Repair d6+, at least two other scientific Knowledge skills at d6+

The Tech Adept can roll an appropriate Knowledge skill and gains adds +1 to Repair rolls.  On a raise, he gains an additional +1. (max bonus of +2).  The tech adept can exchange the extra bonus from a raise to half the time to accomplish his task (like Mr. Fix It Edge).

New Power Edges

Aptitude Focus

Requirements: Seasoned, Arcane Background (Psychic), Smarts d8+, Knowledge (Psychic) d8+, Psychic Ability d6+

A Psychic with Aptitude Focus centers his powers in one of the Psychic Aptitudes.  The Edge can be only chosen once and is chosen for the a specific Aptitude. These are:

  • Telekinetic
  • Telepathic
  • Empathic
  • Visionary

To gain an Aptitude, one must go considerable training.  To learn to focus one’s ability takes instruction and discipline. They rarely have the any other powers or abilities outside their Aptitude.  Any powers without their Aptitude costs one less power point and gain a +2 bonus on casting.

New Professional Edges


Requirements: Novice, Smarts D6+, Knowledge (Computer) D6+, Computers d6+

You are a professional systems security compromise expert, truth assassin in the digital world, and manipulator of all things virtual.   You can hack the system and  manipulate data as well as utilize systems connected to the Netx like communications equipment, remote devices and even robots.

You gain a +1 bonus to Hacking rolls in Virtual and Hyper Combat. Additionally, you gain a +2 bonus to Investigation and Streetwise rolls when doing research on a domain prior to hacking it.


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