Savage Reich Star 08.0: Characters

Savage Reich Star 08.0: Characters

Modelling after The Last Parsec and JumpCorp, I want to create a convention with in Savage Reich Star that places the characters as members of the resistance at the start – more specifically agents of Tower.  I want to build a structure that gives the character’s a background connecting to the resistance and their real life covers.  I also want to explore various options available to a player in the Science Fiction Companion.

The Tower in 2065

Characters of Savage Reich Star will be agents of the Tower, a resistance group that has been a thorn in the side of the Reich for decades.  The Tower, in 2065, is just getting back on its feet after severe crackdowns on its operations since 2050.  It is perhaps the largest and most well organized of the resistance groups. In the first half of the 21st century, they were the most effective, which is why it drew so much attention. Today, the Tower works to rebuild its’ many wide spread cells of resistance and its communication network.

Within the Tower, no cell is ever aware of the location or internal formation of the others. They are told only what they need to know to accomplish a given task, and nothing more. This protects the entire organization with the highest possible security.  If any team is captured it might signal the end for a single cell, but nothing can be gained from Gestapo interrogation or torture because they truly do not know enough information about the rest.

The Towers links to the Imperial Japan has made it easy for the Reich to paint the Tower as a n organization that wishes to set up a single universal government controlled by Japan.  While the Tower does have contacts within the Empire, they are primarily civilian sympathizers, many of whom have distant relatives living in the Reich.  In truth, the Tower’s goals simply consist of establishing a world-wide Democracy of Confederated states.  Their plan is to accomplish this by breaking down the government of the Third Reich through attacks on military targets.  They have a strict policy of not intentionally harming civilians.  Japan is not considered an enemy of the Tower (yet), and they have no desire to provoke conflict with Imperial forces.

The Powers

In the world of Reich Star, there are three major powers, referred to at the Powers or World Powers. They are the Reich, the Empire (Nippon Empire) and the Republic (Republic of Italia). The Republic is nothing more than a puppet state of the Reich but in recent years, it has been trying to break the bonds of its alliance with the Reich and become it’s own power.


Creating a Tower Agent

The resistance does not often recruit from the regular population.  Their agents are not usually men or women with children, families or the elderly.  They usually recruit from people that have nothing else to lose and a reason to hate the powers that be.  They value people that have focused skills, reliable contacts and a strong (but controllable) hatred of the Reich.

Resistance Fighter Background

There are three key things to making a Tower resistance member:


How and why did the character join the resistance?  Was there a tragedy that drove the character to hate the Reich or a something in the family history?  Was a relative a resistance member or a betrayed loyalist?  Create a story behind the character of the driving force that brought him to the Tower.  Included in that story is why he qualifies as an agent.  A father with children would not qualify, but a father that has lost his entire family would.

Real life role

What does this character do in real life?  Usually his real life job is either of use to the Tower or flexible enough that the agent won’t be missed while on mission.  These can be anything but the closer the character is to government or law enforcement, the higher the risk.  Usually, the agent is a independent contractor, sole business owner or some peon working a low end job.  Important to this is how does the agent get around his real life role without getting caught?

Resistance Role

What does this person do for the cause?  Is the agent purely an informant or does his role involve action?  Does the agent have a consider network of useful friends that are sympathetic to the cause?

Character Options

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