SavRS Characters 08.04: Erde Born

SavRS Characters 08.04: Erde Born

Reich Citizens

Ubers vs. Minder

In the Reich, Earth-born Humanity is definitively divided by the “Aryan pure strain” Ubers and the geneticmutts of the Minders.


Minder once was a term used only for those that the Reich wished to exterminate or otherwise enslave in some way.  As time went on, the Reich’s eugenics as well as re-population programs effectively watered down the genetic pool of humanity, and the term was more broadly used.

In the modern era of Reich Star, Minder has become to mean what one would consider as normal humans and the standard rules of generating a human character apply to them.

Minders on the other hand are more delineated socially then genetically.  There are three specific Minder social divisions in Earth society:

Minder Social Class

Upper Marions/Marys or Oberemarions

Marion is a term the evolved from marionette, the German word for puppet.  Many opportunists arose from the ranks of the conquered nations to take roles of local party leaders, collaborators and Nazi government representatives.  Oberemarions represent the upper echelons of these collaborators.  Oberemarions are given unprecedented access to Uber society, under the delusion that they are on the equal playing field with their masters.  In truth, they may not be the pawns of their master’s game but they are definitely the knights and rooks. Benefits: Connections (Reich local government). Drawbacks: Obligation (Minor or Major)

Lower Marions/Marys or Untermarions

The middle management of the Marions, Untermarions strive to one day become Upper Marions.  They are considered “sheep” collaborators, hated by the resistance. In truth they are just people trying to make a better life for themselves.  They wake up, work, and go to bed like normal people.  They have simple given in to 130 years of oppression and found ways to work up the latter.  Some have a false sense that they may one day be upper marions but due to genetic impurities within their lineage, it is unlikely. Benefits: Connections (Reich local government). Drawbacks: Obligation (Minor or Major)

Bottom Feeder or Untenesser

The majority of Erde’s population is made up of Unternesser – the oppressed, ghetto dwellers, the former discarded slaves and many more.  They are not considered citizens and allowed no rights. Benefits: Streetwise. Drawbacks: Wanted or Poverty


Uber are the pure-strain Aryans, by Reich government standards.  Creating a Uber character is slightly different that that of a MInder. Through years of eugenics, selective breeding, genetic and bio manipulation, Reich science has unlocked a few outstanding feature of humanity in their efforts.  However, not without their drawbacks.

There are three specific Uber breeds in Earth society

Brutes or Brachials 

As the name implies, these Uber are the strong and brutish.  They are natural warriors, front-line soldiers, fierce fighters as well as athletes. However, they also tend to be less intelligent and mentally challenged. They also tend to be emotionally volatile.  Benefits: Base Strength starts at d6.  Drawbacks: -2 modifier to Smarts or Clueless Hindrance, Mean Hindrance.

Brains or Köpfchen

The polar opposite of the Brachials, the Köpfchen are walking calculators.  They are natural engineers, computer techs or scientists.  However, they tend to be physically inept and weak. They also tend to be socially challenged and temperamentally cold.  Benefits: Base Smarts starts at d6.  Drawbacks: -2 modifier to Strength or Vigor, Cold Temperament (-2 to Charisma)

Beauties or Schönheiten

Beauties are the ideal specimen of the human form.  They disarm people with their looks while smooth talk people to do their bidding.  They are diplomats of the Reich as well as the public faces of mega-corporations.  They are models, actors, and entertainers. They are on the posters promoting the Elite’s leadership.  On the other hand, they tend to be arrogant, superficial and spiritually weak.  They also tend to be self-centered, selfish and greedy.  Benefits: Attractive (+2 Charisma)  Drawbacks: -2 modifier to Spirit, Arrogant or Greedy Hindrance.

Noble or Edel

Nobles are bred to lead, said to be “pure” (as science can get) Aryan.  Many of these have been born into the unsterblut life extending program.  Many live past up to 150 years or more. Traditionally, this is a non-player character Uber breed.

Imperial Citizens

On the Imperial side, however, the goals of eugenics and selective breeding were more about keeping up with the German population growth and less about developing a super race.  Most Imperial citizens, unless specifically genetically manipulated, are standard humans. There is some delineation between Gaijin (non-Japanese) and Waijin (true Imperial Japanese), however, the terms have fallen out of favor over time.

National Lineage (optional):

Nationality would still have an effect the mid-21st century.  It comes down to favored Nationality and lesser Nationality.  This applies to Colonies, bases and stations.  Either you are considered a Elite or not.  Living in universe formed by two competing “superior” cultures tends to create these division. Genealogy plays a big part of the and especially in the Reich. Technology has advanced far enough that your “identity papers’  include a genetic “purity” mapping.  And of course, everyone has to carry their ID cards.