SavRS Characters 08.07: Martians

SavRS Characters 08.07: Martians

Mars is divided into two regions – the Reich Hemisphere and the Imperial Hemisphere.  However, Matian Citizenry have been genetically manipulated in much the same ways on either side to survive the hardships of the world.  There has been nearly two generations of humanity on Mars by 2065, and the changes to their physiology is becoming more and more apparent.  Due to genetic manipulation and environmental influences, their skin tones tend to be darker with a noticeable red tint.  Their skin is also hardened against the relentless radiation that pummels the Martian atmosphere due to the lack of a electromagnetic field.  Martians typically have more body hair and pride themselves in their body hair grooming.  Martian Men’s beards are spectacle in and of themselves.  Martian bone structure and musculature is longer and more gaunt.  Biochemical manipulation has kept their bone and muscle densities at safe levels, allowing survival in normal G environments but they tend to be less dexterous in those environments.

Despite all efforts to keep the Reich and Imperial culture relevant on Mars, a new Martian culture is on the rise.  This culture tends towards rugged independence and self determination.  Mars was for a time a means to escape the oppression of both the Reich and the Imperials, so many of the population are Minder or Gaijin who volunteered for a one way mission to colonize.  Since then, a growing culture of anti-Erde is rising within the population, dampened on by the occasional crackdown by the authorities.  It has grown harder and harder for the Erde powers to influence the culture of Mars.   The lines between German and Japanese are still apparent, but nothing brings them together stronger than their anti-Erde sentiments.

Benefits:  Pick one: Environmental Resistance: Radiation, Environmental Resistance: Cold or Atmospheric Acclimation. Drawbacks: Pick one: Low-G Worlder or Slow.

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