SavRS Characters 08.06: Venusian

SavRS Characters 08.06: Venusian

Venus also has a population, although not as populous as Mars.  It has a harsher environment, but similar gravity.  Venusians in appearance are similar to Earth humans but with paler skin tones.  They typically have less body hair and it is common for Venusian men and woman to be bald. Because of storms and atmospheric interference, travel from Venus’s surface is considerably more rare than other worlds, so Venusians at times find themselves isolated.  Like Mars, it too is divided into two hemispheres – Imperial and Reich.  However, as Venusians, they are more unified as a single people then their Erde equivalents.  The Cold War between Reich and the Empire is foreign concept on Venus.

Both sides sent their some of the best scientists to Venus when first colonizing the world.  Venus was a tough nut to crack and they needed some of their best to determine the best way to colonize the harsh world.  The end result was an unintentional (most assume) experiment in selective breeding.  Venusians have a tendency towards higher IQs.

Why colonize such a harsh world? Because of the competition between the Reich and The Empire for superiority and in the end, it took a joint effort to do it. Both sides established one colony, however both failed miserably with hundreds of casualties. It took a joint effort in a single colony to finally establish a viable colony on Venus. This colony – called Veneralia – ha snot grown to a sizable mining facility, pulling previous unknown rare ores from Venus. Venus has proven to be a valuable research and rare ore resource.

Benefits:  Pick One: Environmental Resistance: Heat, Atmospheric Acclimation, +1 Smarts  Drawbacks: Outsider (isolated from the other worlds).

Venusian Psychics

Secretly, Venus has also given birth to a new type of Psychics – the Venusian Psi. No one knows why the Venus colony produces so many of these gifted individuals and no one truly knows how many live on Venus, but the rumor is that it’s a significant percentage of the population as compared to Erde.

Venusian Psychics are hidden from the Reich by the Venus population and most stay on Venus for safety.