SavRS Characters 08.08: Belters/Outer Colonials

SavRS Characters 08.08: Belters/Outer Colonials

The Belt is similarly divided and similarly cultured to Mars.  Some see Belters as even more radically independent than Martians.  Belters were genetically and biochemically manipulated even further than Martians to survive in microgravity as well as high radiation environments.

Outer Colonials include colonists from Io, Europa, and the various other Saturn and Jupiter moons and beyond.  Beyond Jupiter, the colonies are primarily robotic but a few intrepid manned expeditions have ventured to as far as the moons or Uranus.  These types, from a character creation point of view, are no different from Belters.  Their culture vary from moon to moon, colony to colony.

Both Belters and Outer Colonials appear to be gaunt and thin. The biochemical modifying drugs they had to take to prevent the low gravity damage made them considerably durable individuals.

Benefits:  Environmental Resistance: Radiation, Hardy  Drawbacks: Environmental Weakness: Normal Gravity (-4).

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