SavRS Characters 08.09: Spacers

SavRS Characters 08.09: Spacers

Spacers spend most of their lives either on a space station or a spaceship travelling from port to port.  In either case, their lives are about artificial gravity, life support systems, air scrubbers and avoiding cosmic radiation. Spacers are very adaptable as they live in varied environments and gravities.  They have a similar build to Belters or Outer Colonials but are much more dextrous and deft.  They tend to rely on technology to live however living in such sterile environments can have an effect on a Spacers auto-immune systems.

Benefits:  Pick One: Gravitic Acclimation, Acrobatic, Rocket Jock, Technical AdeptDrawbacks: Quirk: Restless (-2 to Charisma when on planet-side for more than 1d4 days), Anemic.

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