SavRS Characters 08.10: Mutants

SavRS Characters 08.10: Mutants

There are many mutant strains living in the population of Solar System.  Some are caused by radiation, cosmic rays or some other natural phenomenon while others are caused by deliberate manipulation of the genome.  The character choose a Mutant character must decide on the origin of his mutation.  Here is a table to help make that decision.  The player may either roll on it or draw from it for ideas.


  1. Radiation Accident from a planet-bound reactor or spaceship engine reactor
  2. Natural Mutation passed down by mutant parents
  3. 3 – Natural Accident with “supernatural energies”
  4. Genetic Experiment (Born this way) gone wrong
  5. Biochemical Experiment (biochemically manipulated after birth) gone wrong
  6. Psychic Experiment gone wrong

However it happened, the player uses the Science Fiction Companion: Custom Races to create the mutant.  However, the overall goal should not be to create a new races but a simple subtle offshoot of the human race.  Unlike customs aliens, mutants get no free abilities or points to buy positive abilities.  They must choose one positive and one negative from the start.  It is not recommended to go beyond one of each.  Additionally, the abilities (both positive and negative) must be conceptualized in such a way that they are not obvious – they must be subtle.  Obvious mutants would not be allowed in public in either the Reich or Nippon.  They would be either killed on the spot or taken away for study.

Any mutant would be considered an aberration in Reich or Imperial society and subject to capture at the very least or immediate execution at the worst.

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