SavRS Tech 03.12: Space Travel Times

SavRS Tech 03.12: Space Travel Times

These travel times are based on a web site I found (Continuous Thrust Travel Times).   Based on the fictional technology of the Electrostatic Ionic Inducers combined with the Contra-Grav technology, I assumed that 1G to 3G acceleration was possible without detriment to the passengers or crew.

OriginDestinationAverage Travel Time
ErdeMercury2 to 3 days
ErdeVenus1 to 2 days
ErdeLuna1 to 2 hours
ErdeMars15 to 48 hours
ErdeCeres24 to 96 hours
ErdeJupiter4 to 5 days
ErdeSaturn5 to 8 days
ErdeUranus6 to 11 days
ErdeNeptune5 to 12 days
ErdePluto10 to 18 days

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