SavRS Tech 03.08: Schnuller Devices

SavRS Tech 03.08: Schnuller Devices

Inspired by Phillip K Dicks “mood organs” in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Schnuller Device (in the Reich)  or the Oshaburi (in the Empire) was introduced in the early 90s through the Ministry Of Health And Human Resources (the Reich)/Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (in the Empire) as devices essential to the “mental health of all citizens.”  For the Reich, these devices are required by law in any household of the Oberemarions as well as Untermarions.  The equivalent is true in the Empire.

Invented by a Reich Russian citizen named Golovanov Artur Danilovich,  these devices started as an early program in behavioral modification in select military units.  It eventually grew into a broader program in hopes for applications to citizenry.  As resistance grew, it became more and more difficult to trust those consider collaborators in all the occupied territories.  The intentions were to use these devices to pacify those entrusted by the Elites.  Through the ages, they have evolved in size, effectiveness and functional execution but in general, they accomplish the same goals. These devices have helped keep the peace for decades in most major cities of both the Reich and the Empire.

Originally, they were as bulky and big as a household piano, but now are as small as a simple console device.  Some of the technology was later integrated into the Netz SE broadcasts, so the Schnuller Devices significantly reduced in size in the modern age.  Through a series of atomizing inhalers containing drugs hidden within  aroma-therapy scents, visual stimuli that includes hypnotic lights and sound including subsonic subliminal messaging hidden in soothing music, these devices act as one part behavioral controllers, one part daily mood-inducers, and one part psychotropic mind-programmers.  Actual interfacing varies based on user preferences, but there is usual a visual component (visor or display), a mask or hypo-spray injector for the drugs, and headphones or earbuds.

Some devices are simple hypnosis and psychotropic systems, while others are more involved VR experiences tailored to the user and their role in society. Its general purpose is to inject a daily dose of “purpose, motivation and pride” into the citizen – in other words, program the psychi to the most passive and subservient levels a mind can be to be most useful to the Powers that Be.

The machines are maintained through the respective department of health, primarily through corporate taxation as they are the major beneficiary of the devices.  What is better than to have subservient middle managers that will do anything for their leaders.  The local police are tasked to monitor usage and if it seems that a citizen is not using the proper dosage, the police have the authority to remind them of their civic duty to the public health.

Additional modern advancements involve a form of social media linked to the devices.  Making the mood and behavioral modifications public to other area others “friends” of their stature creates a new level of peer pressure, addiction (dopamine addiction), and sinister manipulation of the Marions.  Peers can “approve” or “disapprove” of the type, level, and style of “modification” is made for that day.  Peers can also recommend the same, share combinations, and modifications. This is called Freundschaftsanzeige – Friend Watch.

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