SavRS Tech 03.02: Aufseher

SavRS Tech 03.02: Aufseher

The internet was in its infancy when Reich Star  was published.  I do not think the writers really imagined the impact it would have.  Or perhaps they did and did not think the Reich would allow it.  And perhaps they didn’t at first.  At least until they saw the Orwellian usefulness.  Couple that with the Zugangskarte (Access Card)/Kartenleser (Card Readers) concept I developed for Savage Reich Star, and ideas came to mind similar to the show Person of Interest.

The Aufseher/Tokei ai

All the Zugangskarte data is currently being electronically collected and stored i various database warehouses around the world and among the colonies.  In most of the major cities, this data is analyzed in government facilities in an attempt to analyze and predict seditious behavior.   Both the Reich and the Empire are developing an artificial intelligent system that does this work for them and sends alerts to the pertinent authorities.  The Reich are furthest along in this development. They call it Aufseher, and it has been implemented in its early stages in some major cities as well as colonies.  It is already associated to the extremely reduction in crime rates as well as high productivity rate in these location.

Currently, the logic behind the system’s alert to authorities provide a percentage chance the activity is seditious.  However, distrust in the system usually results in inaction.  The authorities rarely act on anything below a 60%.  The intelligence behind these systems is not perfect but these systems will eventually be integrated into the computer networks, utilities, traffic and transit of the world and colonies.

The Imperial Version is called Tokei ai or the Eye that Watches.

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