SavRS Tech 03.04: Cyberpunk

SavRS Tech 03.04: Cyberpunk

The temptation with a near future setting is to introduce cyberpunk elements into it. When I started playing, I wanted to. But the original writer did not want that kind of thing in his setting as he felt it would not work. Something about the Reich and their belief in purity would not allow bodies to be corrupted by machines. Well I think there should be an options at the very least, so the following is my attempt to bring it in to some degree.

Cybernetics is a technology where body parts are replaced either due to accidental or medical loss or on purpose to enhance the individual. Does the societies in Reich Star have room for such technologies in 2065? To some degree yes. It is still in still in its infancy stage, at least publicly. Of course, the Reich never gives the public the cutting edge stuff. They usually get the left overs, making sure the government stays one or two steps ahead of the public.

This especially applies to the Netz. In 2065, the public has the equivalent of today real world internet, while the government has something 100 times faster allowing them to monitor the public even faster. While virtual reality access to the Netz is not publicly, government and mega-corporations have their own access to the cutting edge virtual Netz technology.

The Reich society is a little more restrictive on cybernetic technology than the Imperials. Cyberpunk style street samurais in the Empire or a little more common place.

The following are cybernetics available to characters in Reich Star in 2065. Reich tech is a little more obvious and less concealable. Imperial cybernetics is a lot more sleek and stylish.

Type# of
Adrenal Enhancement1The character’s adrenal gland has been surgically augmented. He receives +2 to recover from being Shaken. This stacks with the Combat Reflexes Edge.25K RM
Aquatic Enhancement1The recipient is fitted with gills and collapsible webbing is installed between his fingers and toes. He can breathe in any oxygen-filled liquid (most lakes, rivers, or oceans), and his underwater Pace is equal to his Athletics skill.25K RM
ArmorUSubdermal Carbon Weave plates or fibers have been placed beneath the character’s skin, granting him +2 Armor all over. This stacks with normal Armor, but not Heavy Armor (use the higher value).13K RM
Attribute IncreaseUEach time this implant is chosen, an attribute may be increased a die step. Each step after d12 adds +1.23K RM
Combat SpecialtyUThe character may take a Combat Edge, ignoring all requirements except the requirement of other Edges. The Edge benefits do not stack with the same Edge if the character has it naturally as well as through his cyberware.25K RM
Comlink1A small communicator has been built into the character’s skull. It has a range of five miles and can communicate with standard radio equipment.11K RM
Cyber Arm Enhancements1 EachThere are many variations of this enhancement – each requires the Cyber Arm (see Trait Cyber Enhancement ) as a prerequisite.

>> Grappling Hand: The user’s cyber hand is detachable and is attached to a 50’ cable capable of bearing up to 300lbs. It may be “shot” up to 50’ using an internal explosive device. An Agility roll is required to hit one’s target and catch.

>> Cyber Fingers: The user’s fingers each have a unique and relatively minor effect – one may be a wire cutter, another may be a small flashlight, and yet another may be a “Swiss army knife” type device. Up to five enhanced fingers are allowed when this enhancement is taken

>> Projectile Hand: The user’s hand is a ranged weapon. Make a normal Shooting roll when using it as such. Its range is 3/6/12 and it does 2D6 points of damage if it hits.
03K RM
Cyber Jack1Cyberjacks allow one to tap directly into the computer system and run the Netz. This adds +4 to all Hacking rolls. If the character fails such a roll anyway, the intense feedback causes a level of Fatigue that fades in one hour and can cause Incapacitation but not death.

If the system was particularly powerful or well-protected, failure (including during a failed Dramatic Task) causes 3d6 damage (or more for very high-end corporate or military computers). Armor offers no protection from this damage.

Required for Skill Chips.
13K RM
Cyber LegUThe character gains +2 Pace and increases his running die one step. He also increases his jumping distances by 1”. Each time this is taken after the first increases Pace by +2.
Cyber Leg Enhancements1 eachThere are many variations of this enhancement – each requires the Cyber Leg as a prerequisite.

>> Internal Rocket Boosters: The user’s legs contain internal rocket boosters that allow the user to make vertical and horizontal jumps of up to 25’. One jump per round is possible and an Agility roll is required to land properly. Failure costs the user his next action as he lands in a heap. Snake eyes indicates the user has landed so badly that he takes a Wound (which can be soaked normally) in addition to losing his next action.

>> Roller Blades: The user can increase his pace by +2” by utilizing the retractable roller blades in his feet. An Agility roll is required to stay balanced – Failure costs the user his next action as he lands in a heap. Snake eyes indicates the user has landed so badly that he takes a Wound (which can be soaked normally) in
addition to losing his next action.

>> Toe Blade: A retractable toe blade allows the user to make hand-to-hand attacks (kicks) that score damage equal to STR+2.
13K RM
Cyber Mask1The muscles, bones, and vocal cords in the character’s face and throat have been replaced with a morphable, synthetic substance, allowing her to alter her facial features with a thought. Each change takes five minutes and requires a Smarts roll. The character may adjust his or her bonus to Persuasion 1 point per success and raise. The implant may be used to duplicate a specific person’s face and speech (assuming they’re of the same relative size) if a picture (and voice sample for the vocal cords) exists.315K RM
Edge EnhancementUEdge Enhancements simulate applicable Edges (GM’s approval). These include:
>> Long Range Targeting: Marksmen

>> Enhanced Reaction Speed: Level Headed

>> Hand to Hand EnhancementI and II: Brawler, Bruiser

>> Evasive Enhancement I, II: Dodge, Improved Dodge

GM’s Discretion for any others.
Filters1Filters in the ears, nose, throat, and lungs remove most airborne toxins and increase oxygen intake. The hero adds +4 to rolls made to resist the effects of airborne disease, poison, or deadly gases, and Thin or Dense Atmosphere.15K RM
Healing Enhancement1Resident nanobots heal the recipient when wounded. They automatically heal one wound per day and add +4 to rolls to resist Bleeding Out. They have a 50% chance per day of healing any disease or poison once it gets into the blood stream (assuming the character is still alive).210K RM
Myoskeletal Enhancement1The character’s skeleton has been strengthened, increasing his Load Limit to 8× his Strength. If he has the Brawny Edge as well, it increases to 10× Strength.15K RM
Skill ChipUAdd or increase a skill a die type, but no more than +4 steps in any one skill. Skill chips may be swapped freely with no surgery. This is a free action, but takes an entire round before the new skill is active. Chips carried separately are the size of thumbnails and have no significant weight. Cyber Jack required.13K RM × Skill Bonus
Trait Cyber Enhancement UThis represents a host of various devices that add a flat +2 bonus to any skill or attribute (but only once per Trait). These include:
> Cyber Arm (+2 to STR)
> Reaction Neuro Enhancement (+2 AGL)
> Enhanced Targeting Array (+2 Shooting)
> Cyber Eyes/Enhanced Sensory Array (+2 Notice)
> Chameleon Weave (+2 Stealth)
> Skill Enhancers (+2 to select skills) (must already have the skill or the skill chip, can stack with skill chips)
110K RM
Weapon, Melee 2The character has retractable claws or blades attached directly to the bones in one forearm. The blades may be extended as a free and instant action, and cause Str+d6 damage. 15K RM
Weapon, Ranged2A small pistol of any kind has been installed in the character’s forearm. Reloading is achieved by removing a flap of fake skin and manually inserting individual rounds or batteries. Other small weapons may be installed with the GM’s approval.1 5K RM+
cost of