With all the controlled eugenics programs, forced repopulation and general cultural genocide performed by both the Reich and (less so) the Empire, the majority of humanity has lost most of its genetic identity.  Of course, this was intentional, in an effort to make the cultures of the Axis the most dominant on the planet.  Also, the philosophy was that if you isolated the degenerate genetic lines, they would eventually die out, while the Aryan lines would flourish.  Unfortunately,  true science trumped ideology and the so-called minder have flourished as well as the Aryan uber, if not better.

In the Reich, many unintended consequences have resulted, most of which were covered up or ignored.  One these unintended consequence is called untergräuel (Lower-Abomination).  An untergräuel is a genetic aberration that has arisen in less than 1% of the minder population.  Random genetics formed the untergräuel  into a superior minder comparable in strength and prowess to uber, as well as cunning and intelligence.  The resistance loves to recruit them while the Reich hunts them down.

The Reich has a special and very secret division of the Gestapo called the hundjäger (dog hunters).  They see Minders like dogs and these dogs need to be hunted down.  This is the job of the Gestapo hundjäger.  One of the goals of the hundjäger division is to keep the existence of the untergräuel a secret.  They are seen as threats to the Reich and their way of life.  In truth, the untergräuel existence invalidates everything the Reich has been doing the past two generations.


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