SavRS Tech 03.10: Weapons

SavRS Tech 03.10: Weapons


Weapons are highly restricted in both the Reich and Empire.  Without a special permit from the government or membership in the armed forces, no citizen is allowed to own a weapon.  Weapons production and distribution is also very restricted.  Penalty for unauthorized weapons possession can range from immediate execution to live in prison.  The black market is rampant, however, with outmoded version of military weapons, however.  The military is supposed to destroy old caches of weapons but illegal networks grew like vines around the trafficking of these caches.  In the mid to late 21st century, there are only a few specific weapons types available.  Hand held personal energy weapons have not been developed yet.  Weapons types (From the Science Fiction Companion p 19-22) available are:

  • Flame Weapons
  • Flechette Weapons
  • Grenades
  • Gyrojet Weapons
  • Portable Missile Launcher
  • Slugthrowers (most common)
  • Stun Guns
TypeTypeRangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin StrWtCostNotes
Mauser P9 LP12/24/482d6-12124-0.5
Walther P-11MP12/24/482d63324-1-2 to Stealth to conceal
Eicher Model 1987pMP12/24/482d631241SA. -2 to Stealth to conceal. 3RB
Mauser C-88MP 12/24/48 2d6 2110110mm SA, 3RB
Eicher MP1MP 12/24/48 2d6 2310d61
Eicher Model 2001a HP12/24/482d6+1316-1
Eicher 2K Revolver HP 12/24/48 2d6+1 21,26-/d611mm Hvy Pistol, Double Barrel Revolver. SS or Double Tap
Kaufmann KS-6SMG12/24/482d62345d67
Mauser C-76SMG 12/24/482d62345d6
Mauser MP-90 SMG 12/24/482d62390d67
Kaufmann KA-3 AR24/48/962d8+23360d611
Eicher M-1 AR24/48/96 2d8+13360d611
Mauser C-80 VX GP12/24/48 As Typ *110-3
Luger GX-75 Gyrojet RifleGR24/48/96As Type*130d610Varying types of ammo
Eicher LPR 1APR15/30/603d10018d616
Luger LZ-1X LaserLHP10/20/402d84110-10On critical fail, system overload. Gun is useless
Eicher Plasma Lt. CannonPC30/60/1205d10018d624
Hokker F-11 FP12/24/482d4+1-390-3
Hokker F-19 FR24/48/963d4+2-3120-6
Eicher GX-209 GL24/48/963d6+2-110-10HW. MBT
Luger LZ-101 Hvy LaserHL50/100/2004d821200d615On critical fail, system overload. Gun is useless
Luger FL-4 IncineratorHFCone3d12+2-130d632
Eicher Hammer G-5SG10/20/401d6/2d6/3d6-1/3*24d612Triple Barrel Shotgun. SS or 3RB
TypeTypeRangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin StrWtCostNotes
Meiko Type 2LP10/20/402d6-12112-1SA. –2 Notice to detect
Yoshita Type 11MP12/24/482d6316-1Revolver
Meiko Type B9MP12/24/482d63124-2SA, 3RB
Meiko Type A4HP12/24/482d6+13315-23RB
Yoshita M-9SMG12/24/482d6+22345-6SA, 3RB
Yoshita M-11AR24/48/962d83360-113RB,

LP = Light Ballistic Pistol; MP = Medium Ballistic Pistol; HP = Heavy Ballistic Pistol.

SMG = Submachine Gun, Ballistic

AR = Assault Rifle, Ballistic

GP = Gyrojet Pistol

GR = Gyrojet Rifle

PR = Plasma Rifle

PC = Plasma Cannon

LHP = Laser Heavy Pistol

HL = Heavy Laser

FP = Flechette Pistol

FR = Flechette Rifle

GL = Grenade Launcher

SG = Shotgun

Gyrojet AmmoDamageAPROFBlast
Armor Piercing (AP)2d6101
Heat Seeker *3d601
Standard Slug2d641
Fragmentation 3d61MBT
High Explosive4d61MBT
Sonic2d6+Stun (-2)1MBT
  • See Heat Seeker Missile Rules