Savage Reich Star

Savage Reich Star



With the new Amazon show, The Man in the High Castle, I wonder if the Reich Star RPG might be something that would attract people.  I want to try and convert it to Savage Worlds and perhaps propose that as a setting.



I roomed with the writer of Reich Star in college and he is a good friends. Great guy.  He gives his blessing to this idea.  Will probably post some updates as I got through the conversion and re-write.


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3 comments on “Savage Reich Star
  1. Fernando Bellavista says:

    Hello, I love this game although to be honrst I only played it s few times. So, any data on the Japanese Empire?

    • Ron McClung says:

      Unfortunately, nothing was published. Ben Nicholls has the manuscripts for the original sourcebook but they were never published. He has said he might send them to me if Ken approves, but I have not seen them yet.

      I am putting together some articles myself to post here for my setting, but can’t say they are canon.

  2. Ben L. says:

    Thanks for putting this site together. I just acquired Reichstar myself, and appreciate all the material you have put up here. Let us know if you do ever lay eyes on the Nippon sourcebook!

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