Savage Sedition Wars: The Strain

Savage Sedition Wars: The Strain

Infection Counters, Nano-spores, and Exogenesis

These are terms that used to represent conversion to a Strain Infected.  Every token a person gains represents an infection by the Strain .  It represents the number of successes a person must obtain when healing to fight off the infection.

To fight off the infection, the character must be at rest.  During combat, adrenaline is keeping the infection at bay but not killing it.  The character must make a natural Healing check.  For a base success and every raise after, the character can remove one Infection Counter.  The character can do this for each 12 hour period of rest but no healing of normal wounds can take place during this time.  People trained in the Healing skill may assist.

If rest is interrupted by any activity, the character gains another Infection token.  On a critical failure on the Healing roll, the character must succeed at a Spirit check immediately or be taken over by Exogenesis.  A character also enters into Exogenesis if he a number of Infection tokens equal to his Vigor.  Some Strain can drop clouds of Nano spores and any non-Belastung walking through these spaces must roll Vigor or take a Infection token. 

Exogenesis represents a successful conversion to the Strain.  To avoid total Exogenesis, the Target character must make one final Vigor roll.  Failure means total infection and the character is replaced with two basic Strain (Exo Forms).  Success means it is Gestating and the character has more chances to Heal.  A Raise mean they Expelled the infection and the conversion failed.  A critical failure means the character is Metabolized into a Nano Spore close, place 4 Nano Tokens.



Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d10, Strength d10, Vigor d10

Pace 6, Parry 7, Toughness: 15. Size+4, Large, +4 Carapace Armor


Fighting d10, Throwing d10, Notice d8

Special abilities

Two Fisted

Mandible Cannon –   3d6 12/24/36, energy

Infection Lash – Entangle Fighting vs Fighting (Str vs Str).  Upon failure, Move target into closest square adjacent to Grendlr, target gains an Infection Counter.

Mech-talons – 2d6 +1d10 Melee attack.

Maw – Target Is Engulfed. Exogenesis Begins.

Bio-metal Carapace (+4 Armor)  – Cannot Bleed or Burn.

Nano-gen –  Place 4 New Nano Counters in squares Adjacent to the Grendlr.

Regeneration (Fast Regeneration) – When the Grendlr Is damaged, it can make a Vigor roll every round to heal any damage it has sustained – even after it has been “killed.” A success heals one wound (or removes Incapacitated status), and a raise heals an additional wound. Most creatures with this ability also have a Weakness or Vulnerability, such as fire. Wounds from the creature’s Weakness or Vulnerability do not regenerate, but may still heal naturally. Creatures with Fast Regeneration also add +2 to Spirit rolls made to recover from being Shaken.

Reflex Trigger [Reaction Attack] – When a Wildcard or Extra with at least one Infection Counter attempts an action within 10 squares of the Grendlr, that character must make a Spirit check to take that action. This does not require line of site to the character.

The Revenant

The Revenant

A Necrotic host acts as primary incubator and delivery vehicle for the Strain infection. Extremely dangerous in confined conditions mobs of these creatures can overcome even the most disciplined trooper. Prehensile tendrils with injector barbs act as a delivery vehicle for infection. Rapid incubation results in 100% conversion rate of dead or dying infected. Any corpse found in the battlefield can become one of these in an instant.


Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d8

Pace 8, Parry 6, Toughness: 8 (+2 Undead)


Fighting d8, Stealth d6, Notice d8

Special abilities

Ambidextrous, Two-fisted, Undead (+2 Toughness; +2 to recover from being Shaken; called shots do no extra damage (except to the head).

Blade Appendage: Str+d6 (Ap 2).  Monofilament – If a wound is inflicted, perform a contested Str check, if failed, character is Bleeding Out.

Tendril: Str+d4, If target is wounded, the target gains an infection counter. Reach 2 – The Revenant’s tendril attack can target models 2” away.

Putrefaction – When killed, remove the Revenant and replace it with a Nano counter.

Horde – Revenant gains attack +1 for each additional Strain adjacent to it.

Reflex Lurch [Reaction Attack] – When damaged by a ranged attack, as a free reactionary action the Revenant may move up to 2”, ignoring any Shaken limitations (not a normal move). At the end of this movement if there is an enemy target within attack range, make an free attack against it.

The Stalker

A living host exposed to Strain forced evolution and mutation. The stalker is faster and more determined than Revenants. The stalker manifests a lethal mono-molecular talon and enhanced mobility. A prehensile tendril acts as vector for Strain infection.


Scythe Witch


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