01.10 Characters Options

01.10 Characters Options

In Savage Shatterzone, there are four major regions within known space – Core World, Near Colonies, Inner Frontier, and the Shatterzone/Outer Frontier. All contained within the Orion Spiral Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, there are millions of stars, systems and mysteries. Quantum drives allow for interstellar travel, however space is big and to get from the Core to the ‘Zone still takes months and sometimes years, depending on the drive.

Characters in Savage Shatterzone can be anything – from megacorp troubleshooters to Bolter refugees; crime family agents to freelance pilots. They just have to pick their allegiances carefully and survive however they can.

Character Options

Core Worlders

Core Worlders can be any Core World species or Associate species. They usually are a government, Fleet or megacorp employee of some kind.

Near Colonist

Near Colonists can be variations of the Core Worlders, perhaps slightly different in culture and outlook. Near Colonists are more independent, rugged and resourceful. They have seen how harsh space can be and survived. Littered among the Near colonists are Unregistered Species of all kinds – those that have no joined the Consortium and remain independent. Until a megacorp or other power deems them an interest or threat, Fleet will leave them alone. Among these are indigenous species from this side of the ‘Zone as well as Bolters – those that have journeyed deeper into this region of Orion Spiral Arm to settle and escape whatever they were bolting from. Some moderate (less radical) Fringer groups have established settlements in the Near Colonies but most have been pushed out further into the Inner Frontier.

Inner Frontiersman

The Inner Frontier is the vague space between the Near Colonies and the Zone. It’s largely unexplored and wild. Fringer groups tend to populate whatever habitable world they can find here. Pirates, crime syndicates and lost colonies can also be found here. Unregistered Species of all kinds can be found here as well.

The Shatterzone

Very few species live in the Shatterzone but there are those that live on the edge, exploring the dangers and the mysteries. Zoners are those that explore, mine and search for fortune and fame within the dangers of the Shatterzone. Shatrats are pirates, freelance salvagers and scavengers that prey on the Zoners. Bolters can be found coming through the Shatterzone, running from the dangers of the Outer Frontier, particularly the Armagons.

Core Species

The Core Species are Human, Glahn and Ishantran. They are explained later.

Associate Species

These are species that are associated to one or more of the major species and have been accepted into the Consortium. These include Yithra, Rednas, and the Kestarian. Essentially, the species individual governments willfully (or not) signed treaties that state the species has no hostile intentions toward the Consortium and agree to abide by Consortium Law. They do not gain representation within the Consortium Council but can ask to be associated with one of the major powers as a client race. They gain no special rights beyond normal citizens of the Consortium.

Living as an Associate Species sounds perfect but in truth it is far from it. In the Core, it is not uncommon to be discriminated against. It is for these reason that most stay within their own region of space or expand out into the Inner Frontier.

Unregistered Species

This brand is applied to the majority of Bolter species, those who have not signed a treaty with Fleet or the Consortium. It means that they have absolutely no rights under Consortium law and can be arrested and jailed for virtually any reason. While many are employed, they have no legal recourse if they are forced to work in horrible conditions or are not paid.

The official name for such individuals is “Unregistered Alien Transients,” often shortened to URAtrans, which is sometimes corrupted on the street to URAtrash. Some Unregistered species are hostile towards the Consortium and are considered at war with Fleet. Others have simply chosen not to sign a treaty or have not had the opportunity to make their presence known to Fleet and the Consortium (yet to be contacted). Entire sectors of unregistered species can be found in the Inner Frontier as well as close to the Zone.

That said, Unregistered Species can also be further delineated to Contacted and Uncontacted. Uncontacted would be a reason to have the Outsider hindrance.


Fringer is a broad designation that covers a number of different groups, whose only links are radical views and unconventional behavior. They are the people on the edge, politically incorrect undesirables who jumped (or were pushed) away the Core Worlds to form their own colonies. Virtually any form of extremism can be found among the Fringers, with even some colonies divided between people who hold diametrically opposed points of view.

Fringers can be any species, registered or unregistered, human or non-human. A vast majority are human political or religious fringe groups but most have non-human members (aside from the racial supremacist groups).


Where there sentients trying to make a living, there are those that try to parasitically feed off them through criminal means. These are the pirates, smugglers, slavers and thugs of the Zone. Any species can join these groups.


Zoners are opportunists – Miners, scavengers, explorers and scouts that see credits in the River of God. Trying to make an honest living, these folks are skilled individuals that either work for a specific faction like a megacorp or independently search for their fortune.