01.11 Archetypes

01.11 Archetypes

Bolter Refugee

Bolters is the collective name of alien species who claim to have fled through the shatterzone into Consortium space, in a desperate effort to escape a threat that has devastated their worlds. Though many bolters have drifted into the Core or the interior colonies, many others settled on the first frontier world they encountered.

Con Artist

Life is an opportunity to be exploited to its fullest. A Con Artist wanders the known worlds – pick up and leave when things get too hot – revealing the wonders of the ages to the
uninformed – bilking the suckers with fast talk and smooth operating – hoping to move happiness from one comer of the galaxy to another – hoping to move money and other negotiables from their pockets to his.


Cyber-choppers make their living in the back alleys of the citie – any city. Anywhere they need cyberware, they are there. They can be muscle for a crime organization, zipyanking other steelskins and taking the goods back to the chopshop. Or they can be on the street as a


Cyber Jocks are heavily cybered street hackers commonly found all over the known worlds. They may use their cybernetics to hack into corporate systems, or burn illegal skill chips to clients’ brains. They have a wide variety of uses and make their skills available to the highest bidder.


There are those that take their cybernetic enhancements as far as they can, upgrading their bodies combat abilities to as far as they can. Some even have a honor code. Cyber-knights are individuals bristling with cyberbetic and bio-enhanced weapons, augments and extensions. Some battle as mercs for hire while others fight in underground pit brawls for money. They are glorified by the media but in truth fight their own personal battles with addiction, cyber-fatigue and the demons that haunt them from the jobs they do.

Former Fleet

Former Fleet can be from any branch – Fighter Pilots, Medic, Intel Agents, Marines, Scouts or any other branch of the military. The point is while in Fleet, the character is bound by certain restrictions, regulations and loyalties, while on the outside, those may change or remain the same. They can move on to corporate employment, freelance or live on their own, but you are always Former Fleet.

Freelance Pilot

A good pilot is hard to find. A trustworthy one is even more rare. Trustworthiness has a price and freelancing pilotry skills does too. Known space is filled with a variety of vessels that need a good pilot at the helm. Some contract their lives out to one corporation while others sign on to a lifetime of military service. Freelancers go for the highest bidder.


The streets of some planets are pure chaos, ruled by violent thug gangs. Gangers rarely go off planet but when they do, there is a good reason. Some gangs span multiple colonies while others span systems. Gangs sometimes answer to larger organizations while others remain independent.

Megacorp Freelance

Troubleshooters, agents, couriers and other simple work are commonly subcontracted out by megacorporations. Sometimes it’s just work not worth sending expensive exployees, while other times the megacorp wants some distance between the job and the board.

MegaCorp Marine

Most mercs bum out after fighting one battle too many. Some veteran mercenary knows how to make the job pay. They may not like the corporate marine life, but it beats heck out of what everybody else is doing. Some call them Corporate Thugs while officially they are called Loss Prevention Officers, a Corporate Marine’s life is in the service of a Megacorporation.

Megacorp Spy

Megacorps have their own intelligence branches to spy not only on other megacorps but also the Consortium from time to time. They are usually given considerable leeway in their jobs and are paid well. However, many megacorp intel contracts have a one of those disavow-clauses which means if they are caught doing corporate dirty work, they are on their own.


Space is big. But apparently not big enough. Sentients still need to find ways to kill each other to get what they want out of it. Mercs are a staple of all regions of space and their prices vary depending on the job. Their skills seem to always be in demand. Most mercenaries have been around war for a long time. In most cases, settling things peacefully often pays a lot better than shooting it out. Some of employers don’t agree, however.


Known space from the Core to the Frontier is full of mining opportunities for a space miner. FInding a vein or deposit of a rare ore can set one for life. Someone has to be willing to risk their livelihood inside one of those pods, flying inside dangerous asteroid belts or on dust ball worlds out in the middle of nowhere to extract that ore.


To a pirate, the psacelanes are seen as an opportunity to prey on those that earn their own keep. If they don’t protect their own enough to keep him away, then they don’t deserve it. Pirate gangs are everywhere – wherever transports and freightliners can be pillaged. Megacorps spend millions trying to fend off the pirates but it’s a constant game of catch-up for them.


Free agent privateers commonly operate under license from the Consortium or a megacorp in raiding the shipping of rival corporates or hostile bolters/fringers. Their ships are their own, equipped as they see fit and maintained out of their own pockets. Although they are bound to accede to the client’s orders when such are received, at all other times they can do as they choose.


The powers of the mind have been tapped by a small minority of sentients through the known worlds, and some actually make good money using them. Psionic powers allow these individuals to use the powers of the mind to manipulate the universe around them directly. Telekinetics, Mind Readers, Mentalists and more all fall under this Archetype.


Shatrats are an eclectic lot, used to surviving on what they can steal or scavenge from others. This has become a source of pride for most ‘rats – that they can thrive on what others cast off. This is, perhaps, why they live in and around the ‘zone. To others, the shatterzone is a means to an end (at best), or an obstacle. To the shatrats, it is home and sanctuary- and even safety. They can be pirates, scavengers or raiders but they are all Shatrats.


Abandoned by whatever faction, parental unit or entity, streetrunners can be found on all planets. Street urchins, orphins, and cast offs, these young beings tend to fall into the wrong crowds, bouncing from gang to gang, syndicate to syndicate, doing various undesirable jobs to survive the streets. Most don’t trust streetrunners because of the shifting allegiances but when someone needs one, all they need is a few creds.

Street Doc

The streets are dangerous and only the rich have health plans. And not all the medically skilled are accepted into corporate run hospitals. Some medically skilled sell their services out to the streets. The streets reward these individuals with more and more victims.


Commonly, the archetype applies to female Kestarian as they excel at it considerably, but other species have Temptress types within their ranks. They are usually considered beautiful by most humanoids standards. They use that charm, beauty and their other abilities to manipulate a human (and sometimes a Glahn) to survive the harsh known worlds. Some would call them trophy spouses or gold diggers, but a Temptress sees herself as a survivor.


Humanity and it’s allies have expanded out thousands of light years, find more and more resources, new and old, to exploit and consume. Products are made by the millions by all the mega-corporations on every civilized world. Someone has to move this stuff. Someone has to make deals for this stuff. Someone has to make people believe they are worth more than it it takes make them. Traders are the freelance individuals that connect the consumers (sucksers) with the product.


Zoners encompass a specialized individual that take their skills to the next level by applying it to the Zone. They could be Miners, Scientists, Treasure Hunters, or the like. They are the legal version of Shatrats and sometimes mistaken for them.