02a – Savage SF Major Character Races (SWADE)

02a – Savage SF Major Character Races (SWADE)


Frontier History does not explain why or how Humans were found in the Frontier .  It is assumed by many that an ancient alien race brought them here.  Some Humans brought to the Frontier appear to be genetically manipulated to be better suited to the region they were implanted.  There were two primary regions they were implanted – Vrusk and Dralasite space.  No humans were implanted in Yazirian space. – Pure Strain Human, Dral-Human, Vruskian-Human. There are multiple Humans cultures throughout the Frontier .  The major ones are the following:

Lacotian Syndicate (Lacotians)

The Syndicate was formed by an alliance of labor unions and crime cadres from industrialized worlds. It originated from the world Laco in Dixon’s Star System, and is one of the stronger human groups in the Frontier, due to the heavy gravity of Laco. Secretly associated to this faction is the Kraatar Liberation Corps, a underground terrorist organization that contests Vrusk domination of the Frontier Space and seeks to expose the secret Vrusk agenda. The common genetic traits in this group are honorable warriors or stealthy rogues; great leaders or skillful tacticians.

Suggested Hindrances and Edges include:

Hindrances: Tainted Reputation (Novice, Minor: -1 Cha.  Major: -2 Cha).  Due to where he is from, the character is socially at an disadvantage.

Edges: Quick or Lucky

House of Truani (Truani)

The philosophical and diplomatic Truani were the primary instigators of the peace accord between humans and the other Frontier races after the Awakening. Formed from the merging of two factions – one from the bread-basket world of Circe in the Solar Minor system and the other from Truane’s Star, the Truani have led the crusade of peace and prosperity between the races. The contact with a new region of space (the Verge) and other humans has bolstered the political power of the House of Truani. The genetic stock that these humans came from were apparently used for protocol, scholars, and teachers. Psionics is common in this faction as well.

Suggested Hindrances and Edges include:

Hindrances: Cautious or Pacifist

Edges: Scholar or Arcane Background (Psionics)

Cassidine Coalition (Cassidines)

Formed of several human dominate mega-corporation, the largest being Cassidine Development Corp., Cassidinians are well known as being profiteers and merchants of most anything of value. They specialize in advanced technology and ancient alien artifact studies, but have branched out in almost every aspect of the Frontier’s economy.  This genetic stock was traditionally the workers, developers and designers. Their society has evolved into entrepreneurs, explorers, and engineers. They are predisposed to learning more, to making things work better and fixing things that are broke.

Suggested Hindrances and Edges include:

Hindrances: Curious or Greedy

Edges: Gadgeteer, Mr. Fix It or McGyver

Madderly Contingent (Madderlies)

The planet Kdikit in Madderly’s Star is home to another aggressive and warrior-like subrace of Humans – Members of the Madderly Contingent. Some like to call them Madderly’s Madmen. Former’s of MercCo, the mercenary corporation, the Contingent is a more aggressive and intense warrior society than those of the Lacotian strain. Where the warriors of Lacotian are far more honorable and ethical, the warriors of the Contingent might seem barbaric and unconventional. They have a strong alliance with the Vrusk mega-corporation Streel and reap the political benefits from that alliance.

Hindrances: Mean or Bloodthirsty

Edges: Brawler or Martial Artist

Pan Galactic (PanGees)

Pan Galactic is by far the largest human faction in the region and primary enemy of Streel Corp, the Vrusk megacorporation. Founders of the Pan Galactic Corporation, one of the first human formed mega-corporations, Pan-Gal is based out off the planet of the same name however they have extended influence in the Prenglar system as well. This human strain is similar to the Cassidine strain except with a little more aggression, ambition and resiliency. Pan-Gees seem to adapt well to adverse environments.

Suggested Hindrances and Edges include:

Hindrances: Standard SW Human

Edges: Standard SW Human



Dralasites start with a d6 in Strength instead of a d4.

Hindrances: Dralasites are slower then most races, Pace -2.

Elasticity (Novice): Multiple arms and legs at will. They may have only as many pseudo-pods’ equal to their Agility die in any combination. It takes about 5 minutes to grow or absorb a limb. Only one limb may be grown at a time and they may only be up to 1/2″ (1 meter) long and 10 cm thick (about 4 inches). They are not automatically ambidextrous. Even though a Dralasite can have many arms, it can not fire more than two weapons at once. For every “leg” beyond 2, (to a maximum of 4) that a Dralasite has, they increase their Pace by 1. When a Dralasite player creates limbs, he must state which is the dominant limb unless the character possess the Ambidextrous Edge.

Keen Smell: Dralasites add +2 to Notice rolls based on smell.

Lie Detection: All Dralasites can make a Notice roll at -2 to determine if they are being lied to.

Enhanced Lie Detection (Lie Detection, Seasoned): Notice roll with no penalty to determine if they are being lied to.

Truth Sayer (Lie Detection, Enhanced Lie Detection, Veteran): Notice roll at +2 to determine if they are being lied to.


Vrusk start with a d6 in Smarts instead of a d4. Vrusk are faster than most races, Pace is +2.

Hindrances: Outsider, Arrogant

Ambidextrous: Vrusk ignore the -2 penalty for using their off-hand

Comprehension: Because Vrusk have such a complicated society, they are able to understand all sorts of social dealings. It is the ability to figure out any type of social dealing that the player them self cannot. This ability adds +2 to all Common Knowledge rolls in this situation.


Yazirians start out with a d6 in both Smarts and Agility instead of a d4. However they are not as strong as other races, Strength cost x2. Example: It costs two attribute points to raise one’s Strength from a d4 to a d6.

Hindrances: Environmental Weakness – Light Sensitivity: Yazirians are sensitive to normal lighting.  They must wear protective goggles or suffer a -4 to Notice and any other Trait roll involving sight (like Shooting or Fighting).

Flight (Gliding): Yazirians can glide short distances using the membranes along their sides. A Yazirian can glide 1” (2 meters) for every meter he is above the ground when he starts. He must start at least 10 meters (5”) above the ground. The maximum distance a Yazirian can glide depends on the gravity of the planet, as shown below.

 Gravity Max. Glide
 .6 300m (150”)
 .7 200m (100”)
 .8 100m (50”)
 .9 50m (25”)
 1.0 20m (10”)

Battle Rage (Novice, Berzerk): Yazirians train themselves to go berserk in battle. The Yazirian does not have to wait until it receives a wound to make the Smarts roll. With a raise, they may use skills that require concentration they would otherwise be unable to use.

Low Light Vision: Yazirians can see without penalty in dim light, however they must wear goggles while in bright light or sunlight or suffer a -2 to all ranged attack rolls and Notice rolls.

Rim Races


Hindrances: Arrogant, Mean

Springing Leap (Novice): Pace 10, can leap for 5 turns consecutively.  On the fifth, the Humma suffers +1 fatigue.  This acts a Running action, with  -2 penalty to all actions afterwards.

Spring Charge (Seasoned): A Humma can use his Spring ability to leap up to a Pace 15 horizontally, in a straight line from a standing start and come to a dead stop.  If he lands within melee attack range of an opponent, the Humma may make a melee attack against the opponent (no multi-action penalty).  A Humma can continue this Pace 15 spring attack for up to 5 turns, but then gets winded and cannot use it again for at least 30 minutes (+1 fatigue).  The carousel attack is a circle of Humma springing from one enemy to another, is a bizarre battle tactic they enjoy using.

Poison Resistance: Humma are unaffected by any poison that they eat or drink.

Prehensile Tail (Novice): The tail of the Humma is 2 meters long and has a grip stronger than a Human hand. The tail is capable of holding an item or swinging a melee weapon. When holding an item, the Humma can use its two arms normally. When using the tail to wield a weapon, the Humma must concentrate on it and cannot use its arms to operate anything else. The tail can only wrap around hilts, handles, etc., and cannot throw grenades or operate devices.  It is strong enough to support a Humma’s body, but only for a number of turns equal to the Humma’s Vigor dice.

Advanced Prehensile Tail (Veteran)The tail of the Humma is 2 meters long and has a grip stronger than a Human hand. The tail is capable of holding an item or swinging a melee weapon. When holding an item, the Humma can use its two arms normally. When using the tail to wield a weapon, the Humma does not have concentrate on it and can use its arms to operate anything else. The tail can wrap around hilts, handles, but also can throw grenades or operate simple devices.  It is strong enough to support a Humma’s body, but only for a number of turns equal to the Humma’s Vigor dice.


Ishnits begin with a Smarts at d6.

Hindrances: Small -2 Toughness. Ifshnits are slower then most races, Pace -2.

Nictitating Membrane: Ifshnits cannot be blinded by any light, as their inner eyelids snap shut instantly. They cannot see during the turn a light flashes brightly, but their eyesight will be normal the following turn.

Innate Skill: Because of their unique culture, which is heavily based on barter, Ifshnits learn about trading at an early age. An Ifshnit character is allowed to choose one of the following skills at d4 level and at no cost when it begins the game: Science, Thievery, or Gambling.


Highly Developed Smell: All Osakar have highly developed olfactory senses. These are so accurate that an Osakar can recognize and identify even very weak odors that it has encountered in the past, including people. Osakers gain a +2 to Notice when involving smell.  Any Osakar learning the Track skill gains a +2 to the skill (Must have at least a d4 to take advantage of this bonus).

Advanced Linguistics: Because of their unique mouth structure Osakar can duplicate all known languages. The Osakar are the finest linguists known. An Osakar character starts the game knowing any four civilized languages it desires in addition to PanGal and Osakish.

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