00b – Savage Star Frontiers Major Corporations

00b – Savage Star Frontiers Major Corporations

Cassadine Development Corporation

CDC has offices on all major worlds and is starting to expand beyond to Rim Worlds. Products & Services: Insurance, planetary and deep space mining operations, archaeological digs, and off-Frontier exploration ventures. Headquarters: New Hope, Triad, Cassidine. Direct Competitor: None

Galactic Task Force Incorporated

Galactic Task Force is also known as GTF.  Products & Services: Monopoly on providing staffing for non-military oriented employment. They also provide military and security services. Headquarters: Port Loren, Gran Quivera, Prenglar. Direct Competitor: MercCo, Streel


MercCo enterprises in individuals who specialized in warfare and are financial backed by Streel Corporation.  Products & Services: Mercenaries. Headquarters: Buckerton, Kdikit, Madderly’s Star. Direct Competitor: Galactic Task Force Inc., PGC.

Pan-Galactic Corporation

PGC is the largest mega-Corporation in the Frontier.  The PGC has offices on nearly every inhabited planet.  Products & Services:  Financial areas, industrial research, funding explorations, loans for business ventures, investments, the backing of new governments. Headquarters: Port Loren, Gran Quivera, Prenglar. Direct Competitor: Streel

Streel Corporation

Streel rivals PGC in size and financial power. Streel offices are now spread throughout the Frontier the latter an area the PGC has neglected. Products & Services: Technological research, banking systems, savings and loan institutions, financial backings for real estate and agricultural areas. Headquarters: Point True, Pale, Truane’s Star.  Direct Competitor: PGC

Synthetics Corporation

Products & Services: Natural and synthetic food, beverages, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical. Headquarters: Synthtown, Inner Reach, Dramune.


Products & Services: All form of transportation or the manufacturing of transport vehicles or machine, nonmilitary space travel, transportation of raw materials, processed goods, passengers, etc. Headquarters: Sengsen, Terledrom, Fromeltar.