Savage Worlds Flash Gordon: Dive of Doom (MACE West 2019)

Savage Worlds Flash Gordon: Dive of Doom (MACE West 2019)

DATE: March 1-3, 2019

I am pretty sure this is the last time I’ll be running this.  This was a very fun game to run the 4 or 5 times I did.  Everyone ended well, in different ways.  This one had to be rushed towards the end.  The players had to be prodded a little and I had a hard time with a couple of them.  I used the Agenda cards again but they were not as effective as the last few times.  I guess nothing compares to the game with the Crafters at MACE 2018.

Highlights of this one were the lion-woman hog-tying and reversing the enslavement collar on the seawolfman.  That was unexpected.  I changed the ending again and this time through in my own version of a tentacled sea creature.  The champions had to not only survive each other but survive the sea creature.  Last man standing!  It ended in a hurry however, since I wanted to end right at midnight.  We were really close.

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