SavRS Tech 03.03.01: Hacking into the Netz

SavRS Tech 03.03.01: Hacking into the Netz

Hacking is very common way to gather information in the setting of Reich Star and in many ways, it should be similar to a Networking task. In this setting, there are two main uses of Hacking.

  • Accomplishing a very specific task like setting the self destruct, stealing sensitive data that you already know the location of, or taking control of the security camera system.
  • General data gathering like finding dirt on a corporate executive, finding the location of that sensitive data (above), or looking for strange information about an town

In either case, Security plays a roll in how successful the attempt is.


Security is not a property of the system as much as a property of the task. How hard should the task me? There are four levels of Security in the Hacking world.

SecurityLevelDetection Penalty
Extreme (Top Secret)4-4

Security on the Netz is a constantly changing and adapting thing. There are monitoring bots that try to catch and stop hackers from accomplishing their nefarious actions on the netz and there are firewalls and other cyber defenses that make it difficult to accomplish those same nefarious actions.

Security like the tools the Hackers have, are somewhat variable depending on the situation. Some tools are more effective against a system security while others are not. Some Security measures are more effective against a hackers methods than others.

Accomplish a Task

To accomplish a specific task, the level of security depends on the Task the character wishes to accomplish. Also the type of skill test depends on the complexity of the task. If it is a single task like turning on the sprinklers in a single room, then it should be a single test against Hacking and the GM can determine how long it will take. Something like that would probably have a low level of security which effects the test.

Meanwhile, a task that is a little more complex may require a Dramatic Task. You can easily follow those rules for this kind of task. An example of this is like setting a series of security camera on constant loop, or causing a series of shutdowns in the corporate computer core.

However, in either case, the constant fluctuating security measures and counter measures as well as the varying degrees hacking tools creates a chaotic world for the hacker to navigate. AI security systems try to counter cyber-jacked rogues who try to be faster and obfuscate their presence. Sometimes, the security measures are overwhelming and other means of getting in must be found, while other times, the hacker has the perfect tool for the job.

Hacking the Netz

Hacking the Netz is no simple task, regardless of the type of task you are trying. Savage Reich Star involves cards to represent security on the Netz.

Single Task/Trait Roll

For Single Task, the player makes one roll. See the following procedure to Defeat Security:

  1. Roll Hacking and count the number of raises.
  2. Draw one card for a success and one card for each raise. The player can look at his cards.
  3. The GM draws a number of cards equal to the Security Level. If the player has Hacking Tools, the GM lays them out for the player to see.
  4. The player and the GM then play a Game of War with the cards dealt. If the player has Hacking Tools, then the GM just lays the cards out for the player to pick which card matches with which.

If player has fewer cards than the GM or the player fails to defeat the GM’s cards, he fails to Defeat the Security and must continue to try. GM cards that are defeated do not carry over. GM only keeps the cards at that are not defeated in the hack.

If the player is able to defeat the GMs cards, the computer hack is successful and he obtains the information needed or accomplishes the task desired.

Subsequent attempts draws attention and the player much Avoid Detection. At the start of the next attempt, the player must make a Hacking roll to Avoid Detection first. If it fails, the next Hacking roll is penalized by the Security level Detection Penalty.

Complex Challenge/Dramatic Task

In a complex challenge where the GM calls for a dramatic task, all rules apply as normal. When a complication (club) comes up, however, use the following rules when Hacking.


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