SavRS Tech 03.03.02: Gather Data as Networking

SavRS Tech 03.03.02: Gather Data as Networking

Many times, the Hacker is tasked with finding as much data as possible on a particular subject – data that is not easily obtained. The Research skill can cover the basic publicly known information however, it is hard to really sort through the propaganda to get the truth. In many cases, a Hacker has to dig deeper. Once the data is obtained however, a Research skill test may still be needed to sort through the data to determine what is relevant and what is not.

This task is more like a Networking attempt and instead of Persuasion or Intimidation, the character uses Hacking as the skill. Security depends on the level of information one wants – how deep do they want to dig. Suspicion also applies to this as there are trackers and bots always watching the hacker’s every move. A hacker has to be good at covering his own tracks to avoid suspicion.

SecurityLevelSuspicion Penalty
Extreme (Top Secret)4-4

Once the Gathering Data Hacking attempt is made, the character must make another Hacking check (or Stealth if the character has a Cyber Jack) to avoid Suspicion, with the Security Penalty applied. If the player fails, he gains a level of Suspicion.

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