05.1 – Savage SF Equipment: Zeb’s Weapons

05.1 – Savage SF Equipment: Zeb’s Weapons

Ranged Weapons

Rafflur (Proton) Weapons

Proton weapons are usually refereed to as rafflurs – RApidly FLUctuating Radiation. All proton beams are bright white and emit a powerful blast of protons toward the target. Rafflurs Proton beams can be deflected or bent away from their target by powerful magnetic fields.

* AP Notes: Rafflur/Proton Weapons ignores standard skien suits and other physical armor. They also penetrate albedo (laser/energy) suits and screens.

Rafflur M-1 PDD – This personal defense device is the size of a cigar. It only fires once at an extremely limited range.

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT

Rafflur M-2 Light Pistol – The proton pistol is a handgun that is slightly larger than a laser pistol.

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT

Rafflur M-3 Medium Pistol – This extremely limited production model was specifically designed for Star Law Forces. It is a 45-cm-long pistol that provides more room for attachments. It has design modifications such as a folding stock and energy modulator that increases its range and accuracy (+1 modifier) and a higher concentration of Protons giving it a higher potential for damage . Anyone other than a Star Lawman would have a great deal of difficulty acquiring a M-3.

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT
30/60/1202d8*2 10 1

Rafflur M-4 Heavy Pistol- The main advantage of these 75-cm-long rifles is that it has two modes. Standard mode fires like a M-2 Light Pistol. Shotgun mode will release half its’ energy at once in an area effect. The range in this mode, however, is extremely limited. Their beam is cone-shaped with the point at the gun’s muzzle.

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT
20/40/80 or Cone2d6+1/4d8*2/1101

Rafflur M-6 Rifle– This proton rifle is slightly larger than the Ke-2000 laser rifle.

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT

Rafflur M-8 – This long-barreled, long-range beauty comes equipped with a built-in telescopic sight. It cannot be aimed accurately at anything closer than range 10. An expensive break-down version is often used by hunters.

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT

Rafflur M-10 – The M-10 is the man-portable proton cannon. It is equipped with a folding quadpod mount that safely holds the power pack used in its operation. Two human-sized or one large bioform are needed to transport it. Optional swivel mounting equipment for vehicles, fortifications, etc., can also be purchased.

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT

Maser (Microwave) Weapons

Masers are amplified microwave emitters. Though the microwaves are
emitted over a wide area, the major concentration is a tight invisible beam. The maser beam cannot be seen unless a character is wearing a pair of IR high-resolution goggles (not to be confused with normal IR goggles).

Anyone wearing IR high-res goggles may be temporarily or permanently blinded if looking at the maser when it is fired at them. Maser fire only does
damage to living organisms, but it can heat up liquids.

AP Notes: Maser fire penetrates any type of armor, defensive suit or screen except maser-treated armor Maser Mesh, or a Grid suit.

Maser Penetrator – The maser penetrator is a handgun that is slightly larger than a rafflur M-2 pistol.

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT

Maser Razer – The MP II is the size of a small rifle.

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT

Bolt (Ion) Weapons

Bolt weapons resemble 50-cm-long tubes with a black handgrip at one end and a firing button mounted on top. The bolt is an invisible beam of heavy ions that creates a thunderclap that can be heard for hundreds of meters. Only a gridsuit protects against bolt weapons.

WarTech Alpha-Bolt: This weapon has an adjustable dial that allows the character to select how power is used each time it is fired. The maximum damage is 6d6 with each d6 taking away a shot. So the weapon can fire twelve shots of 1d6 damage or 1 shot of 6d6 damage (twice).

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT
30/60/1201d6 to 6d6*11 to 122

WarTech Omega-Bolt: WarTech developed this as a sporting weapon, but it was never popular. Each shot from the weapon does 6d8 damage.

RangeDamageAPRoFShotsMin STRWT
30/60/120 6d8 *153