Species: Unknown

Type: Creature (unknown origin)

Origin: Unknown

Strength 9
Constitution 7
Agility 8
Intelligence 10
Education 9
Charisma 5
Empathy 5
Initiative 4
Move 3/10/20/35
Skill/Dam 5/5d6
Hits 40/60
Appear 1

Documented Notes

Said to be one of de Mooy’s menagerie of “creatures whose bodies bore the signs of their nature”, Scorch’s origin and nature is not well known. He was a prisoner of a man named Jan de Mooy, who was executed for sedition in 1932.

Scorch still holds resentment for his former master, and memorizes the insane collector’s book – Another Matter: Man Remade – to resite it to de Mooy in hell.

The only things known of Scorch’s nature is the fact that it is related to fire.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Scorch burns in more ways than one. Physically, he gives out a lot of heat and is hot to the touch. He has been known to start fires by simply touching flammable objects.

He also burns with revenge. He has a hatred for de Mooy and anyone else that would imprison individuals like him for their or others pleasure. Which is why has a strong hatred for freak shows and circuses. Before Midian, many carnival and circus fires were started mysteriously. He freed many of those that now reside in Midian during those times.

Scorch as a sensitivity to water and anything other “smothering” situation.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Heat Immunity.

Fear of water and drowning.

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Heat and Flame by touch. Pyrokinetics in time of strong emotion.